Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls and Dracula Sucks (Vinegar Syndrome) - Midnight Double Feature Review

The October releases from Vinegar Syndrome are some of the best they've ever put out. The fan favorite is Raw Force which I will be reviewing soon enough, but for tonight I want to talk about two very different movies: Dracula Sucks and Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls. Yes these are both adult films. Dracula Sucks is a Phillip Marshak movie. If that name means nothing to you than you haven't been following Vinegar Syndrome. It also means you didn't pay attention to my favorite VS disc yet, Night Train to Terror. Marshak directed The Case of Claire Hansen segment. Turns out his first movie was an adult feature starring Jamie Gillis (my porn star spirit animal). He filmography is filled with strange adult features and odd ball misses that make up most of your collections I'm sure (you freakin sickos). On the other side we have Bob Chinn. Now you'll surely know Bob from more than a few Peekarama selections from Vinegar Syndrome, but the most recent one (and the most artsy porn since Wakefield fucking Poole) is Prisoner of Paradise (remember the Nazi porn?).

Let's discuss each release in more detail. You can pick them up individually now from Vinegar Syndrome. Make sure to look into Vinegar Syndrome's bundled monthly selections to save some bucks on your smut. Fans of this label swear by this program!


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:
At an exclusive sanitarium, strange things are happening: patients are acting differently and are being found with mysterious bite marks in their necks. Visiting professor, Van Helsing (Reggie Nalder) believes it to be the work of vampires. With the arrival of Count Dracula (Jamie Gillis), things get even stranger and more violent, as the diabolical count sets his sights on the beautiful Mina (Annette Haven). Acclaimed as the most star studded X rated film ever made, featuring supporting performances from Seka, Serena, Kay Parker, John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Mike Ranger and Bill Marigold, Dracula Sucks has finally been restored to its original directors cut and is coming to DVD for the very first time!

+ 2-disc DVD Set | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Director’s cut of DRACULA SUCKS
+ Alternate LUST AT FIRST BITE edit (40+ minutes of alternate footage!)
+ Commentary w/ Actor and Co-Writer Bill Margold
+ RETURN TO CASTLE HILL featurette w/ Producer Darryl Marshak & Bill Margold
+ Original theatrical trailer
+ German Art Gallery

Jamie Gillis (my porn star spirit animal... again) is superb as the Count! I mean that. Now that may not be saying much given my favorite version Drac is somewhere in between Christopher Lee and Frank Langela (it's the Langela part you might find hard to believe), but he truly does play the role well even if it is an adapted piece of adult cinema. I love the refreshing take on the story and not purely for the sake that it is filled with copious amounts of naughty bits. This is actually an entertaining piece of Miligan esque horror built to exploit but oddly seductive and filthy at the same time. The music is classic horror and the women are beyond gorgeous (think of the beautiful ladies of Hammer). This is not a bad horror porn parody and that is what might shock you. This feels like a legitimate piece of horror cinema. 

The negative scenes in red are creepy and perfect bits of classic occult horror. I strongly recommend this to horror fans who like to be aroused in multiple ways and to porn people who are looking for something to gawk at during October.


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:
At the most popular pizza parlor in Berkeley, something extra comes with the toppings: all of the beautiful, skateboarding pizza girls are the classiest working girls in town! But when two competing fried chicken giants decide to join forces to put the pizza girls out of business, it’s up to the girls and their boss (John Holmes) to save the day and survive the mysterious chicken rapist! One of the craziest comedies from director Bob Chinn, PIZZA GIRLS stars Candida Royalle , Desiree Cousteau, and John C. Holmes and is coming to DVD uncut and restored from the negative for the first time!

+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Restored from 35mm negative
+ Video Interview w/ Producer Damon Christian
+ Original theatrical trailer

First rule of watching Pizza Girls: Do not watch it without ordering a pizza first. Second rule of watching Pizza Girls: ask your significant other to ride around your living room on a skateboard with the pizza you just ordered.  

This is a laugh a minute feature that really captures the heart of the 80's sex comedy but was released in 1978. Plenty of gorgeous women and John Holmes is your hero as the owner of a pizza joint at war with a chicken franchise (it's always the damn chicken franchises!). Now it gets a bit repetitive. You know deliver pizza on skateboard, fuck, repeat, but I think you understand that from the cover. It's one of my favorite covers from Vinegar Syndrome.  It says "We Deliver"... they certainly do. 

You pick this movie up because you like to have fun with your porn. This a highly entertaining take on one of the most commonly spoofed porn tropes in the books and in reverse no less. It's uncut and it's beautiful and filled with extra cheese.


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