Monday, January 19, 2015

Ribald Tales of Canterbury and Tasty (Vinegar Syndrome DVD)

Bud Lee has made over 170 adult movies. That's nothing to shake a flaccid member at. The man has created some special moments in sex cinema and even some that have horror naming conventions: 976-76DD, Phantasm and A Witch's Tail (that plays on many of his "tail" movies in the 80's and 90's). While most of these are just sequel regurgitations of good ideas familiar to the XXX tape buyer, his lengthy career lets you know that he had the ability to capture the imagination of the viewer. Lee was working in a time when parody and pun was the naming convention of the day, When film was on its way out and video was cheap and easy (see Boogie Nights for a beginner's guide). Vinegar Syndrome has offered up a double feature or rather a feature film on DVD with an extra. These are the first two movies that Bud Lee made in 1985. Strangely enough I think the bill was done backward. Ribald Tales of Canterbury may look like it has the production, but the reason I'd spend money on this disc, Tasty is hilarious!

In case you wanna know who Hyapatia Lee is... it's Bud Lee's wife and gorgeous actress.

Before we get this thing started, you can order this disc from Vinegar Syndrome:

Ribald Tales of Canterbury

From Vinegar Syndrome:

A group of knights, journeying across the British countryside in the 15th century, share fantastic and absurd stories of sexual conquests. Hyapatia Lee and Coleen Brennan (aka Sharon Kelly) star.
Porn flicks have been doing historical parodies since the beginning. While faithfulness to the source material will vary, one thing will not... someone's gettin' banged. Ribald Tales of Canterbury is supposed to be some strange knights' tale recant, trading on the name of the Canterbury tales. We're not dealing with an adaptation of Chaucer's work, but an excuse to tell dirty tales about folks wearing "medieval garb". These outfits are what Doc Brown would dress up Marty McFly in if he were going back to the future to help his ancestor to win a pivotal jousting battle that changes the space time continuum forever (for those of you not understanding this joke please watch Back to the Future III).

Overall the movie looks gorgeous and the costuming is fun, but I'm afraid I simply couldn't get into the unfocused narrative. Yes there are a few excellent one liners that pop up through the connective tissue that puts the scenes of intimacy together, but mostly it's just a cheaply thrown together selection of fuck scenes that execute blandly and seem as a boring punchline to an overused joke.

Then of course, there's the movie I think should be the true headliner...


From Vinegar Syndrome:

Struggling DJ Tasty Tastums realizes that what listeners really want to hear are the sounds of sex!

Now this is some funny shit! It's everything you'd expect from a porn shot in a radio station. It has crazy hairstyles, new wave style, sex in a recording booth, sex in a boardroom. Tatsy has a plot that's fun and nearly identical to your favorite 80's sex comedy with the added bonus of hardcore action. I love the troop of actors who share credit between Ribald Tales and Tasty. 

This is an adult feature that looks natural. It feels perfectly 1985 and is a relevant piece of porn. It reminded me of all the reasons I loved New Wave Hookers without Jamie Gillis, Ginger Lynn or Traci. 

Enjoy the DJ's and the BJ's. 

 + Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Restored in 2k from 35mm Negatives
+ Commentary Track on RTOC w/ Bud Lee
+ Video Interview w/ Bud Lee
+ Original Theatrical Trailers for Both Films

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