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Sexual Heights and Undulations (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - Tobalina Orgy1,000

The Peekarama lives and it comes alive with a Carlos Tobalina double feature. Tobalina’s catalog has become sort of a favorite of the Vinegar Syndrome guys, taking up quite a few of the Peekarama releases. It’s easy to see his style and some of the common tropes that crib through his features. You can tell a Tobalina movie by his choice of actors, choice of orgies and … choice of even more orgies.

Let’s get down to the Heights and Undulations in this adult double feature.

Sexual Heights

From Vinegar Syndrome:

A man whose marriage was destroyed by an affair with the babysitter plots a lusty revenge, only to have his plans turn into the ultimate orgy!

Sexual Heights is classic Tobalina. What you’re dealing with here is a man who loves the orgy. He loves to shoot wide shots of San Francisco and feature completely unrelated setting shots that mean jack to the movie to give it some kind of artistic authenticity. It’s a hallmark of sorts (as we also saw with Three Ripening Cherries reviewed earlier). Sexual Heights starts out as what might initially be seen as a workable comedy that could actually contain some worthwhile narrative, but instead, Carlos can’t hold his load and shoots a dirty sex scene straight from the trouser snake.

Filled with strange backdrops, camera zooms and some rather interesting choices of focus, it’s almost possible to ignore just how much leopard print is featured in this movie. Of course, nothing will protect you or prepare you for the infamous kaleidoscope blow job! It’s an often misunderstood art which can only be countered by a strange, white John Holmes body… maneuvering into cunnilingus position. The exciting music never stops. The camera is shaky and always moving… wobbling… like a person who doesn’t know what they’re looking for with the camera (here’s a hint… it’s over 12 inches long and attached to John Holmes).

Balanced with some absolutely exciting lesbian action that is quite nice and not stag or amateurish, there are some nice bar room segues to break up the picture into what might feel as a passable narrative. The whole thing vacillates between fantasy and watching TV until eventually our crew of fateful gents goes on a mission to get what they want rather than fantasize about it. Of course there are funny costumers, cross dressing and… it ends in an orgy. Bet you didn’t see that one coming. It’s a Tobalina movie.


From Vinegar Syndrome:

The biggest stars in sex films gather to watch the latest in erotic television, but their desires can’t be confined to the screen.

This is more typical Tobalina stuff. Lots of strange camera angles and shot choices that seem like he’s letting a film student learn to shoot porn. These are clearly attempts to be artistic i.e. placing inanimate, non-sexual objects in the foreground, obscuring valuable genitals. This is not economical from a sexy to empty shot ratio. Of course it’s nice to see such an accomplished porn director try and vary his shots and create something new. There’s not much in the narrative or plot department. There’s simply no room for the humor except maybe in the choice of clothing.

Guess how this one ends? Orgy? … Gigantic orgy? In a Tobalina film? Never!

One Note: the opening scene either features someone being de-virginized or having rainbow sex followed by cunnilingus with rainbow sex. This is the first time I’ve encountered this in a movie. As one who started off his sexual life “in rainbow” I am excited to see this used on film. Tobalina wins me over despite a rather generic offering.

+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Both features sourced from 35mm camera negative
+ Original theatrical trailers

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