Thursday, February 26, 2015

Champagne for Breakfast (Vinegar Syndrome DVD)

Let's cut to the chase on Champagne for Breakfast, the new DVD from Vinegar Syndrome. The reason you watch this isn't because John Hayes of Grave of the Vampire fame (fame?) wrote this. It isn't because the producer of Sex World directed it. It's because John Leslie pretends and fails to be gay through the entire movie providing a health level of humor that combines well with some rambunctious sex scenes (when Leslie fails to be play gay). We've all seen Leslie. Straight sex. Kinda tough, maybe he's a bad boy or maybe he's just ANY guy, but you haven't seen him like this. He eyes make the role. 

From Vinegar Syndrome:

The incomparable Leslie Bovee plays Champagne, a high paid advertising executive in need of a chauffeur. Harry (John Leslie) is a crafty, down on his luck entrepreneur in need of a job. Learning of Champagne’s search and figuring that his chances of getting hired will increase if he pretends to be gay, he cons his way into her employment. How long will he be able to hide his sexual urges? What will happen when he’s found out? Written by John Hayes (Grave of the Vampire, Baby Rosemary) and directed by Chris Warfield (producer of Sex World), CHAMPAGNE FOR BREAKFAST is a big budget crossover classic with an all-star cast and has been scanned and restored in 2k from it’s 35mm original camera negative.

Perhaps my only issue with the XXX feature is that it tends to move slowly and is somewhat repetitive. Leslie may perform some truly funny pieces of physical comedy, but the movie feels quite and perhaps not as far fetched as more modern sex comedies. Still a very entertaining picture.

Champagne for Breakfast is a time fine looking disc which is to say that it is up to the mark of quality put out by Vinegar Syndrome who spares no expense on their smut. The disc includes both hard and softcore cuts of the trailer as well as an alternate ending. When you see the trailer Champagne for Breakfast as show on this double feature, VHS release and not the Vinegar Syndrome disc, you'll understand how far Vinegar Syndrome goes to deliver a 2k scan, restored. Enjoy the cover art for this one. Definitely a precursor to 80's sex comedy box art.

Director Chris Warfield did 13 adult features in his time, directing until 1985, most working under the name Billy Thornberg. Some of these released through Vinegar Syndrome. He was also an actor who started off in TV roles and even acted in Diary of Madman with Vincent Price. While Warfield's style is a bit camp, he still made serious works of adult comedy cinema. He isn't as prolific as a Tobalina, but his pictures didn't seem to be focused on the sex act. He made movies, sexy movies, with stars like Lesllie Bovee who plays Champagne beautifully. I have to catch up on her back catalog especially the Disco Dolls in Hot Skin. 

You can order Champagne for Breakfast from Vinegar Syndrome now:

Features include:
  • Original theatrical trailer (hard version)
  • Original theatrical trailer (soft version)
  • Alternate soft version scenes

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