Thursday, February 19, 2015

Coming Under My Spell and Lady Dynamite (Vinegar Syndrome Peekarama DVD)

That Vinegar Syndrome is at it again with another preservation effort in the art of adult filmmaking via their Peekarama line. I love when Peekarama goes off the deep end feeling more like an 80’s sex comedy than a porn movie. Well, that’s half of what we’ve got here. The other half… is not what it appears to be.

First off, Coming Under My Spell and Lady Dynamite are available now through Vinegar Syndrome:

Now on to the reviews...

Coming Under My Spell

From Vinegar Syndrome: The sexually desperate Fernando is a foreign exchange student taking classes in hip 1970’s San Francisco. Surrounded by sexy swingers and still unable to get some action, he is willing to try anything. His best friend Dave uncovers a used book about sexual Hypnotism, will they use it to fulfill their every desire?

Do I condone using a book on hypnotism to score with members of the opposite sex? Only if it works. And only if it’s the 1970’s. Coming Under My Spell is a less serious, more gonzo adult feature with plenty of gimmicks and images of yesteryear to fill your eyes and your pants. Take for instance the conversion van (iconic as ever of the 70’s sex artist) lined with an American flag interior. Perhaps the early version of the pocket pussy that looks like an uninflated kid’s swimmy is an even better throw back. You watch a movie like Coming Under My Spell purely for the funnies and not necessarily a movie that will get you hot and bothered.

The sexual techniques are closer to watching people pounding wood with hammers rather than any kind delicate acts of intimacy. There’s a guy who can’t hold is goddamn load, the most awkward doggie style I’ve seen maybe ever and some super sped up comedic sex in the opening. This feature is heavy on the shaky cam, but at least it features some power house close ups that make it worth watching from a porn fan perspective. Perhaps the highlight (save for the ending) is a pizza girl with a sweet Tit for Tat t-shirt. She’s the hottiest gal in the movie in the most Z droppingly boring sex scene (due to our protagonists inability to make sex interesting).

The ending really does this one justice going for all the all out gonzo featuring a bridal party du strange turned large orgy and our “hero” fucking himself to DEATH! Stick around for the end of this one horror fans. You get a special ending ala DePalma’s Carrie. You’ll have to see this one to believe it. Show it to your friends and watch them jump!

Lady Dynamite

From Vinegar Syndrome: Passions run high in true Carlos Tobalina fashion as a buxom beauty is scorned by her husband of ten years. Excited to be single she decides to experiment on anyone at anytime. LADY DYNAMITE truly explodes with eroticism in this 1970’s sex flick.

With a title like Lady Dynamite I’m expecting some of Blaxploitation knock off porn. That is NOT what I got. The title and poster are tremendous but unfortunately the best thing about this flick is the music by Shamus. The audio is bad, sounding hollow and distant with plenty of outside shots of San Fran. That combined with our next clue will give away the director: All girl orgy with lots of lingerie. Your director is… Carlos Tobalina of course! Anytime I say orgy when writing a review I suddenly realize that I’m writing about a Tobalina movie especially when combined with the San Francisco. Don’t let the name Troy Benny fool you. Tobalina actually acts in this one!

For what it’s worth there’s some awesome bleach blond bush with great closeups and a long leather couch scene that will make you feel sticky.

Enjoy the cover art. Enjoy the name. Enjoy the strange “wild and crazy” male strippers … the one with large moustaches!

Some of you are tired of Carlos Tobalina Double Feature Peekaramas… I feel like I’m learning about the work of a prolific adult film director. Consider this a guide on how to live sexually in San Fran and how to perform efficiently in an orgy.

+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm original camera negatives
+ Original theatrical trailers for both films

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