Saturday, February 28, 2015

Marsha the Erotic Housewife, For Single Swingers Only and Her Odd Tastes (Vinegar Syndrome Drive-In DVD Triple Feature)

While the Peekarama series has been a truly eye opening adventure for me as a novice adult film enthusiast, I must admit that I truly prefer the grindy, grimy offerings afforded by the Drive-In double features or in this case a triple feature. The Drive-In series can go one of a few different ways. Sometimes you get a horror double feature. Sometimes an obscure crime or exploitation thriller. This time around the fare is closer to the Peekarama series (as opposed to the last double feature that featured Big Foot). The three films in this series Marsha the Erotic Housewife, For Swingers Only and Her Odd Tastes are directed by Don Davis who created a short run of movies through the sixties and seventies dying in 1982. His work includes the three featured movies as well as Swamp Girl and the upcoming Vinegar Syndrome DVD release, The Muthers. Davis' work is exploitative, raw but it isn't exactly porn. Let's dig into this triple feature one movie at a time. These features are scanned from the director's personal prints in 2k.

This Drive-In Triple Feature is available now from Vinegar Syndrome:

Marsha the Erotic Housewife

From Vinegar Syndrome: A beautiful housewife discovers that her husband is having an affair, so while he’s away on business she decides to embark on some erotic sexcapades of her own.

The picture is scratchy and it appears to be in a 4;3 aspect ratio which just feels different. I haven't found too many of the VS releases to look this way but I think it has a lot to do with the source material.(the director's personal prints).

The revenge nature of Marsha the Erotic Housewife almost pairs it better with the Vinegar Syndrome release of Lady Dynamite. The dialogue is bad. The lead has gigantic boobs and the film is embossed with delicate flute music that feels perfectly 1970. There's this marvelous segue featuring a drive along the seaside with the title of the movie as the focal point of the background music!

This movie feels like the model image of infidelity and... of course, being a "good wife". Pay attention to the home and town life in the 60's. Keep your eye on the what's going on in the background from the kitchen to the bar to the bedroom and attire. A time capsule film to be sure.

For Single Swingers Only 

From Vinegar Syndrome: At an apartment complex for swingers, beautiful young women can explore their fantasies and make their inner most desires come true. However, is there a steep price to pay for this supposed erotic paradise?

For Single Swingers Only features LOTS of showering. Lots. The premise of a hotel run for swingers (or an apartment complex really) is an easy set up for plenty of risque material, but it doesn't lend itself to more than pre-sex-comedy physical comic moments. There's a girl talking to the camera, retelling her story as if the whole thing is a confessional of sorts. Plenty of working out, physical activity and the obligatory naked massages.

There are some bad hair styles. Bad clothes. Generic mod music and a damn cool cigarette lighter.

The whole thing ends with hysterical laughing and a rather strange makeup transformation.

Her Odd Tastes

From Vinegar Syndrome:  A woman embarks on a worldwide quest for sexual fulfillment, experimenting in the exotic jungles of Africa to the swinging beaches of California, no desire left unfulfilled.

What opens with an elongated lesbian opening turns into a quest du fuck. An excuse to travel around the world yields some rather unique sexual situations including sex with an Asian woman, Satanists, slaves, African sexicapades and a Sheik (with waaaay too much oil).

The whole thing ends as you might expect; our experiment lass realizes that there's no place like home and return to her husband who is perhaps the strangest beastie of all her adventures. A giant, woolly bear carpet of a man. What a mess.

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