Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hot Legs and California Gigolo (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - Peekarama Double Feature

With movies like Johnny Wadd and Hot and Saucy Pizza Girls as well as Sadie, Seductress, Prisoner in Paradise and Fantasyworld, Bob Chinn has created some truly excellent pieces of adult entertainment through the 70's and 80's. I'm particularly fond of his closeups and star system. His movies are always plot driven porn flicks with a great sense of humor even at the most serious. Today courtesy of Vinegar Syndome, we offer up two adult features: Hot Legs and California Gigolo. It's a good pairing and as much fun as early Chinn picture can offer.

First off, you can order this double feature release now from Vinegar Syndrome. Remember that this is an adult feature. Porn. The sticky stuff.

Hot Legs

From Vinegar Syndrome:

Meet the girls at Hot Legs: beautiful models who will do anything to please their photographers. As an important publication deadline approaches, everyone tries to focus on work but will their lustful desires get in the way

Hot Legs has one badass, 70's style, cock rock intro that almost has the feeling of a T-Rex song and still better... it features the title of the goddamn movie!

Chinn's style is to emphasize penetration with close ups. Fuzzy actors and actresses with carefully placed lights that provide a look of fantastic dream-like quality without soft-focusing the Hell ouf ot you. We're talking thick manes of jungley bush that are separated by the machete of an erect cock. He holds his shots while initial penetration occurs to the point of tension, building sexual suspense. Consider this first contact. His scenes feature great backdrops. This picture has great lighting.

This particular story has moments of great humor. The good boss/bad boss routine is a common trope of the 80's sex comedy and Hot Legs wears it well. Pay attention for a marvelous porn stache toward the end of the film where a dancing queen photo shoot gives way to fucking. You even get one of the actresses on roller skates. Yum.

California Gigolo

From Vinegar Syndrome:

John Holmes is the biggest stud in Hollywood. All the girls love him and can never get enough. Follow John through the most star studded and erotic adventure of his life.
Of the two movies on this release, I'm definitely partial to Hot Legs due to story, actresses and lighting (some of those closeups are extremely memorable). Again we get some fantasic credit music courtesy of Jay Philips who also did the music for Hot Legs. This one is more like 70's low key guitar pop, but it features the movie title again!

Chinn has a thing with women getting off and ignoring a ringing phone. This happened in Hot Legs and watching California Gigolo, it can't be a coincidence. While in Hot Legs, the fuck buddies ignore the call and try to put the call to their ancient answering machine, California Gigolo takes a more direct approach. The hottie in this one masturbates... with the goddamn batphone! Let's get one thing straight. If you have a big red phone, it's a batphone. This is a batphone. What's more... the phone call continues through the entire masturbation sequence. I remember an ex girlfriend from my youth doing something similar at my request. It sounds just like you think it does... not sexy, but you just can't believe someone's doing THAT on the other end! Pure unleaded testosterone right there.

The typical Chinn closeups continue to the audiences benefit. He's not afraid to get face to face with John Holmes' cock. He's quickly becoming a favorite of mine daring to look into the sacred whispering eye of the vagina. Some of his camera work in this picture reminds me of Neon Nights directed by Cecil Howard.

Holmes is wearing his perfect fro and modest porn stache. He's not the sole focus of the movie which is great for me. I'm not a huge fan of the huge one. There are some particulary impressive deep throat shots, plenty of hair bush, puffy nipples and even a bear skin rug! California Gigolo features some of the longest lhabia I've seen... and a thumb that doesn't miss its mark. Add some wine... (wait for it)... bottle sex and you've got a moderate gonzo film with variety and some very hot moments.

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