Saturday, March 21, 2015

No Need to Save August, Larry... HUDSON HORROR SHOW Returns this June with JAWS!

As a fan of Hudson Horror Show, Silver Cinemas and the folks behind one of the premier 35mm events in the Northeast, I can safely say that the lineup forming in Poughkeepsie for Saturday, June 13th is stupendous. It is as near and dear to my heart as any horror screening I have been to. Let's run this one down. Tickets go on sale 12 noon on Saturday March 28th. $31 in advance. $35 day of the show. This will sell out. There's no way it won't. It's just a matter of how fast we can make it happen. Let's set a record.


and like the Hudson Horror Show Facebook page for updates on the event:

The story so far (announced titles)...


This is everyone favorite, and funny enough I always argue against it as a horror picture. It's a movie about mail bonding, personal challenge and family... and a shark. What a way to start the summer!


Most people like to laugh their way through Nightmare 2, and while I laugh too I can't help but feel a bit terrified by this misunderstood entry in one of the largest horror franchises. It was my uncut R rated movie on HBO. I watched it at my neighbors house on shag carpet, stinking of cigarettes in a dark living room one afternoon. My parents were none to thrilled. It's a foundational picture for me. One that started me in the right direction. 

MS. 45
Hudson Horror Show has a history of testing their audience. They screened Cannibal Holocaust on 35mm and now we are going afforded a cult classic revenge film. It was released on Blu-ray last year via Drafthouse Films and now it's on the big screen for you. Laugh or get sick to your stomach, but either way enjoy. (Doesn't that light blue font make the image?)


Now this is a treat especially with the upcoming Blu-ray release by Vinegar Syndrome (who will be on premises). Add Madman Marz and the producer of Madman and you have an experience that is not likely repeatable. Enjoy hack and slash gold.


Hudson Horror Show has a history of showing some of the most amazing mystery flicks. We will let this one speak for itself. We never divulge the Mystery Movie, but it's a reason as good as the announced feature to attend.

In addition, a Special Guest Q & A will include Gary Sales (Producer of Madman) and Madman Marz himself, Paul Ehlers. Vinegar Syndrome will be on sight selling their new Blu-ray of Madman (sure to be a slasher resto favorite). The event will include numerous other vendors as well as all the microwave hotdogs you can buy from the concession stand.

The recent triple feature at the Alamo Drafthouse was only an appetizer for the 11th HHS event (that featured Sleepaway Camp, Blood Beach and Giant Spider Invasion) and that sold out!

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