Friday, March 27, 2015

The Device (Image DVD)

What starts off as a great premise about a small, discovered ball that is somehow, simply the most enticing object on the planet builds into…well… not a whole Hell of a lot. That didn’t stop me from at least partially enjoying The Device. The premise is great and the movie looks good. It’s well acted though no true stand out performances. I think I would have been prepared to give this one solid marks if the lackluster ending/reveal didn't leave me in a state of want. The ending fails to pack much of a punch after a reliable and interesting intriguing build up.

The concept is fairly original and steers clear of most of the tech and game based horror that’s been arriving lately with a focus on Sci-Fi thrills and chills. It’s not found footage which will please many of you. Perhaps I’m being too harsh and expecting too much from a movie that for all intents and purposes is an effective story though not as a scare picture. Perhaps the big reveal is ruined by the cover art. Maybe that’s how I’m unimpressed because I can sort of see what’s evolving here.

You can check out The Device on DVD from Image now. I don’t necessarily give it full marks, but I’m pretty sure some of you will get more out of it than I did.

From Image:

Inspired by classic abduction cases writer and producer John Portanova (The Invoking) skillfully plays on the intrigue of the unknown. Starring Angela DiMarco (Trauma), David S. Hogan (Shadowed) and Kate Alden (The Right Place), The Device DVD features an audio commentary by the screenwriter of Fire in the Sky and Intruders, two of the most popular alien abduction films ever.

When two sisters find a harmless looking object in the woods, they cannot know to what extent it will change their world – and ours – forever. The small, sphere – mysterious, seductive, enticing – conveys a message, a deep, profound biological message, that will reshape our world, recasting relationships with the universe beyond our wildest dreams and worst nightmares.

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