Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Muthers (Vinegar Syndrome DVD)

Cirio H. Santiago is one of those guys whose name should mean more to all of us as fans of exploitation cinema. I feel like his name has escaped me up until now even though I've enjoyed Vampire Hookers and Caged Fury. Santiago is a guy who helped further the cause of Blaxploitation and gave depth to women in prison flicks during the 70's. The film we're hear to talk about today is The Muthers, a film with which I was unfamiliar previous to Vinegar Syndrome announcing its release on DVD. It's got plenty of incarceration and plenty of exploitable elements.

Unlike books, judging movies by their covers is perfectly acceptable, and by that token The Muthers must be one of the greats. Everything from the artwork preservation to transfer of the DVD is solid.  The disc doesn't contain much in the way of extras; only a trailer. You'll appreciate the classic DPI bumper at the outset and the opening scene with the classic, funked-up dramatic music.

The Muthers is not the best of its genre; it isn't my favorite Women in Prison movie (which may be reserved for The Big Bird Cage or Black Mama, White Mama. For an amalgam of two separate exploitation subgenres it's a fine effort though it's not quite filthy enough or mean enough, but it certainly has enough exploitable elements to entertain. It's quotable, and if you stick around for 30 minutes or so the thing really comes to life (once everyone enters prison). You've got all key tropes from the obligatory shower scene to a bunch of prisoners gang beating another prisoner to get their privileges back.

You can order The Muthers now and see just how far Santiago pushes exploitation:

Details from Vinegar Syndrome:

Climb aboard THE MUTHERS, the meanest, toughest and most action packed pirate ship in the pacific. Join Jayne Kennedy, Rosanne Katon, Jeannie Bell and their all female crew on a daring rescue mission to save one of their own from the clutches of vicious white slavers. Directed by the master of Filipino sleaze, Cirio Santiago, THE MUTHERS blasts onto DVD newly restored from its 35mm negative.

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