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Little Miss Innocence and Teenage Seductress (Vinegar Syndrome DVD)

Little Miss Innocence and Teenage Seductress just sound like exploitation titles. In effect they are fairly early pieces of the subgenre post-60’s cautionary tale. The Drive-In Collection from Vinegar Syndrome is hands down my favorite body of films containing pivotal and underappreciated genre titles that deserver proper releases. While I cannot say that either of these movies really carried me home on the shoulders of the subgenre of revenge films on which they stand, I can say that the work of Chris Warfield deserves recognition and preservation. These are sure to find an audience, both movies preserving the quality of the Drive-In label with beautiful grindy, imperfect perfection.

You can order this Drive-In Double Feature now:[sl]-Teenage-Seductress-DVD-(Vinegar-Syndrome)-(NTSC-All-Region).html

Little Miss Innocence

From Vinegar Syndrome: Two beautiful teenage hitchhikers are picked up by a wealthy older manand brought to his mansion with lustful intentions. However, his erotic dream soon turns into a horrifying nightmare as the seemingly innocent girls begins to reveal their own deadly intentions… Starring Sandy Dempsey in a career performance. Director: Chris Warfield 1972

The title card opening is great, but the shitty crooner music ruins it, almost comedic if it wasn’t pure beefcake music.

This is a softcore flick with plenty of full frontal nudity. It’s also a cautionary tale, the reverse of the prototypical hitchhike story popular from the 70’s. Instead of the hitchhiker as the victim, the hitchhikee must fear for his life.

The discussion of devirginization is intriguing, but aside from some whipping, not much going on.

Teenage Seductress

From Vinegar Syndrome: Sondra Currie stars as Terry, a young woman determined to find her estranged father, who abandoned her as a child. After arriving in the small New Mexico town where he lives, Terry sets about planning her revenge, seducing her living father. Director: Chris Warfield 1975

The opening is pure 70’s exploitation gold with a desert-scape with some funky music in the background. The movie is slow throughout and although it sounds like it’s going to have some solid revenge elements this one ends up feeling pretty dated and tame by modern revenge flick standards. You can appreciate it in a historical context and maybe even enjoy the debauch concept of a daughter seducing her father, but we’ve seen that in some recent Vinegar Syndrome offerings to pornographic end.

A time capsule film to be appreciated as an early piece of exploitation cinema but not much bite.

Includes original trailers for both films and an alternate tile card for Little Miss Innocence.

Both scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm negatives.

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