Sunday, May 17, 2015

The New Erotic Adventures of Casanova 1 and 2 (Vinegar Syndrome DVD). - Double Your Period-Piece Porn

Vinegar Syndrome is Tobalina crazy. You’ve noticed. The forums are alive with discussions of the shear volume of Tobalina releases afforded by our favorite resto/preservation company. His work comprises more than any other director released so far by V.S. The good part is that they’re all fucktastic with clever stories, distinctive style and signature finisher moves. The bad part… Allah loves wonderous variety. We at least got some DeRenzy this month as well in the double feature. I’ve heard many prefer the prequel in the Casanova series to the original. I prefer the original. You decide.

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The New Erotic Adventures of Casanova

From Vinegar Syndrome: The great grandson of famous lover Cassanova discovers his erotic charms and embarks on a sensual journey. Director: Carlos Tobalina 1977

The first thing you have to ask yourself is whether you just saw Gene Wilder, Donald Sutherland and Roman Polanski in that carriage? The simple fact that you need to ask such a questions speaks to a strong effort by Carlos Tobalina whose enthusiasm for excessive orgies is the thing of legend. Casanova is more than a typical Tobalina movie that finished with group sex. It’s a period piece that evolves into a rather amusing tale of sexual adventure and intrigue. Sure we know that Tobalina likes to offer a tale of sexual evolution and exploration from time to time, but with an actor of John Holmes’ caliber in front of the lens, the story actually begins to take as much shape as his… best known appendage. he New Erotic Adventures of Casanova begins in the 1700’s, but the period piece is quickly revealed to be just a dream. The great grandson of Casanova finds his great grandfather’s papers and cologne and begins to use both to his advantage in pursuit of a great fuck fest. It’s clearly Tobalina with some orgies though I would say the use of that sexual mix is less exaggerated than in other Tobalina pictures. It’s in San Francisco… so it’s clearly Tobalina (look out for that wide angle shot of the city or surrounding attraction).

While the 1700’s bits are a bit funny with bad costuming that sort of looks like Doc Brown dressed John Holmes for an orgy and then popped him a Deloreon (instead of Marty going back to the Wild West). There are plenty of hot close ups, 69’s and blow jobs that go on straight on till morning. It’s a humorous tale but once you go “back to the future” the narrative falls away like so many clothes and good intenions.

The New Erotic Adventures of Casanova 2

From Vinegar Syndrome: Set in the renaissance era, this prequel to Casanova 1 finds the great lover battling villains and saving maidens in a variety of hilarious experiences. Director: Carlos Tobalina 1982

A porno prequel! This is a true rarity and undeveloped story category for adult features. The film opens on a recap of the first movie with bits and pieces thrown together haphazardly to tie the films together in more than name only. The film takes place entirely in the 1700’s until about an hour in which than tackles a flashback of the original picture. This almost feels a bit lazy.

John Holmes shtups some girl until she dies after being wounded. At least he doesn’t fuck her in the wound itself. That’s the high point of the film. Plenty of strange zooms and kaleidoscope with a mega orgy recap. This is Tobalina.

Both features look great and continue a positive trend in the Peekarama series both in quality and in offering Tobalina to the max. Folks have asked if we will ever see the end to the Tobalina-sploitation movement that Vinegar Syndrome has perpetrated recently. The answer is not likely or at least not until the late 80’s when Tobalina became victim to an industry aching for quantity and not quality.

Both features have been scanned and restored in 2k from 35mm negatives.


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