Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Alien Outpost (Scream Factory Blu-ray)

I have to admit I was concerned. After watching Monsters: Dark Continent after thoroughly enjoying the original Monsters only to realize I was in for a bro-war-pic shoot em up, minimal alien anything flick, I was worried that Alien Outpost would be the same exact thing. We’re talking about a fighting force in the future that is trying thwart a war on terror and war against extraterrestrials. It could have been easy to lose the aliens inside the subplot for the pure Earthbound problems of the warrior of the future. That’s not the case. Scream Factory and IFC Midnight continue their partnership with a Blu-ray release of Alien Outpost.

Alien Outpost is slow to start, but I assure you eventually there’s some noteworthy action. The alien invader that makes a screen cameo after the thirty minute mark reminds me of something out of 1950’s alien picture, a standalone stoic bad ass with some gnarly makeup and suit. It’s almost unbelievable which keeps the fun going long into the movie. While not much can be said of the actual intra-human issues they only serve to distract from the battle between human an alien. This is the kind of movie that can set up a powerful, effects driven sequel, especially if you stick around to the end and see which side wins (are there any winners in intergalactic warfare?).

The disc looks great and includes some bonus material in keeping with the Scream Factory model. The cover is a modern one which I find to be less than exciting (I prefer retro art for something like this), but don’t let it deter you from checking it out. It’s worth a watch and adds nicely to current trends in alien horror pictures. It does demonstrate nicely how the problems of our world exist in the future and alongside new problems from outside our world and the difficulty in managing them together.

You can order Alien Outpost (also known as Outpost 37) now.

Audio Commentary By Director/Co-Writer Jabbar Raisani And Director Of Photography/Co-Writer Blake Clifton
Interviews With Cast And Crew
Deleted Scenes
Theatrical Trailer

From Scream Factory:

2021: An invading race of aliens known as the Heavies are narrowly defeated in the First Earth War. But thousands of them were left behind as a new war on terror rages. In the aftermath, a series of remote operating bases are created to defend the planet. Three Seven is the deadliest, positioned in the most hostile place on Earth.

A documentary film crew is sent to record daily life in Outpost 37, where the men, led by hardened commander Captain Spears (Rick Ravanello, Dark Haul), are under constant enemy fire. When a member of the crew disappears during a Heavy ambush, the unit launches a raid deep into enemy territory to rescue him… and make a terrifying discovery.

Directed by Jabbar Raisani (Visual Effects Supervisor on Game Of Thrones, Machete, Predators), this explosive actioner is a non-stop barrage on the senses and a first-rate science-fiction masterpiece.

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