Friday, June 12, 2015

IT! The Terror From Beyond Space (Olive Blu-ray)

From Olive: 

Directed by: Edward L. Cahn

Following a rescue mission to Mars, the survivor of a space expedition claims that his crew was hunted down and killed by an alien creature. Skeptical, and believing that the survivor may have killed the crew in order to survive, the rescue captain dismisses the explanation only to find that a Martian creature has stowed away on the spacecraft and begins to hunt the human hosts.

It! The Terror From Beyond Space stars Marshall Thompson (The Clock) as Col. Carruthers, Shirley Patterson (The Land Unknown) as Ann Anderson, Kim Spalding (The Gunfighter) as Col. Van Heusen and Ray Corrigan (New Frontier) as “It”.

It! The Terror From Beyond Space is a low budget Sci-Fi alien picture, independently made that has received a strong fan following since its release in 1958. That being said, and not to step on too many toes, you know exactly what you’re getting from a movie like It! The Terror From Beyond Space. While it’s alien invader is familiar to you, it the effects are B, it’s dated and it’s damn fun. Do not expect scares. Expect to find a movie that you can show to your kids to coax them eve so lovingly into the horror/sci-fi world without fear of nightmares (well not too many nightmares).

After watching the picture I recalled that this is the movie that was supposedly the inspiration for Alien. I truly do not think that aspect of the film sticks out having recently watched Alien, but if that is the case, I’m glad it had an impact on Dan O’Bannon. I don’t think you’ll find much in the way of similarity between Alien and It! The Terror From Beyond Space so don’t expect to have no one hear you scream in space.

Nostalgia buffs and folks who like pure cheese, this is pure bliss. It looks fantastic, and I’m afraid you won’t get a full extra package with this release. 

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