Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Flying Acquaintances (Vinegar Syndrome DVD)

It doesn’t take much to hook me on an adult feature that has any sort of a narrative. I’m typically guaranteed a peeper’s eye view of at least SOMETHING worth watching. In this instance, the case for Flying Acquaintances, the presence of my favorite male porn star, Jamie Gillis, was a great hook. This is a particularly domestic and somewhat dated sex comedy that features some very silly stereotypes that would hardly seem appropriate to include today. First and foremost Flying Acquaintances is a hook up movie about people simply trying to woo each other into the sack while going about their busy daily life. In that, you get a clear cut vision of the 1970’s albeit with a pornographers hand on the lens. Vinegar Syndrome brings this odd piece of American history to your home movie screen on DVD. It’s got plenty of subtle nuisances to keep you entertained while you wait for some closer to softcore lovin’ (by modern porn standards)

The narrative is fairly basic but works. This isn’t a Tobalina love fest where the primary plot device is how to get to the next orgy. It’s an aggressive sexual picture though not quite as hardcore as you’d expect from the cast. The focus of Flying Acquaintances is on the comedic moments that surround sex. Everyone answer the phone during sex (and there’s a series of light blue rotary phones that could be predict Viagra). There are flight announcements and instructions during a sex scene with a stewardess. I urge you to pay attention to the sign on the wall and some of the dialogue in this scene. Very funny stuff.

One of the more memorable moments finds a dorky fella who meets this hottie on the street and they fuck to French  or Italian bistro music. It’s like a sexual version of Lady and the Tramp… without dogs… or food. Combine that with one of the goofiest sex scenes between an older woman who teaches a younger man how bump uglies with lesbian finish, and you have an assortment of unique situations from which to caress your libido. Strangely enough the movie doesn't truly follow a main thread. It bounces around from story to story as if it were almost an anthology picture.

It’s a nice transfer on DVD though it is extra-lite.

Hey, have you ever wanted to watch a woman seduce her TV watching husband while wearing a hard hate while drinking PBR (fuck Heineken)? You can order Flying Acquaintances from Vinegar Syndrome now. Despite its softer leanings and lack of extreme genital close ups, this is still an adult feature. Best to leave this one to the adults. Hell, the younger crowd wouldn’t get it anyway with a rotary phone mid-coitus.

From Vinegar Syndrome

Meet New York’s most sexually charged circle of friends. There’s the stewardess who can’t wait to try every cockpit in the city. There’s the cabdriver who takes beautiful women for the rides of their lives. There’s the nosey neighbors who can’t get enough of the non-stop sounds of love from next door. Meet all of them and many more in the lost until now sexploitation rarity, FLYING ACQUAINTANCES, newly restored from the 35mm negative and coming to home video for the first time!

D: Robert Steiner / 1973 / 78 min / Color / 1.85:1

Features Include:

+ DVD | Region Free | 1.85:1 OAR
+ Restored in 2k from 35mm camera negative
+ Original theatrical
+ Extensive outtakes
+ Promotional Still Gallery

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