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Anticipation and Flesh Pond (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - Peekarama Double Feature - Tobalina Inside

For the next Vinegar Syndrome Peekarama double feature we have yet another glimpse into the stark-raving-orgy mind of Carlos Tobalina. Each time we get together and have the chance to watch a double feature of classic Tobalina is a special time when we get to discuss places like San Francisco, great opening credit scores and orgies, orgies, orgies. As usual the traditional poster art is preserved on the cover for both movies with Peekarama banner. The two movies are Anticipation and Flesh Pond. One is about the joys of infidelity; the other is about kidnapping and fucking. It’s a strange combination filled with pure Tobalina goodness.


From Vinegar Syndrome:

Erotic intrigue comes to a full boil in this story of two brothers who find themselves in a sticky situation when they begin lusting after each other’s wives!
D: Carlos Tobalina / 1981 / 82 min / Color / 1.85:1

Operating under the pseudonym Troy Benny you can instantly tell this is a Tobalina movie whether his name is on the feature or not. A wide, opening shot of the Golden Gate Bridge… must be Tobalina. Plenty of sexy, suave, 70’s fuck music to enjoy from the get go. The focus on the movie is on what excellent bedfellows the spouse of your significant other makes. It’s pure infidelity from the outset with a lesson in fatherly advice that gives way to a half Latin/half Japanese bang session. Father always knows best and in this case, he’s right about his wife’s unfaithful nature.

What may seem like a potential moral tale turns into an every married individual out for themselves. The pairings are as varied as the couples involved and, as you may have guessed, there’s only one way to end this… orgy. It’s nice that the groups in the prevailing orgy are varied rather than a stagnant collection of actors (more on that when we get to Flesh Pond). Of course you get more characteristic Tobalina goodness with a great bar set up featuring a Schlitz lamp (Carlos always gets the best bars).  He’s set whole fuck sessions in bars; I suppose it requires expertise to find unique dives like this.

Unexpected Groucho Marx glasses, instant replay and a fella who looks like David Hess make for pure novelty as Anticipation winds down. What’s more is that this picture ends with an almost feel good ending featuring an old couple, cuddling being a “happy family”. The whole time I kept thinking, are they going to get it on and will it be with their kids? They don’t, but the fact that I thought there was a possibility shows the kind of debauch present in 70’s adult features. This is depravity. This is Tobalina.

Flesh Pond

From Vinegar Syndrome:

Two men escape from a county jail and hold a group of beautiful swingers hostage in a remote brothel. As sexual chaos ensues, can anyone stop the orgies before it’s too late?
D: Carlos Tobalina / 1983 / 78 min / Color / 1.85:1

Some truly unique blue lingerie gives way to a rustic scene at gun point. How am I supposed to know that this is a Tobalina picture if there’s not opening wide angle shot of San Fran? It’s as if someone said, “Carlos, all your movies start with wide angle shots of San Francisco. Maybe you should give a different locale a try so that people feel like their watching a different movie.” So how does one tell if a picture is a Tobalina film? Orgy. If all is lost and you truly can’t find your way, let group sex be your guide.

One of the most awkward scenes you can watch in a picture is a sexy woman in an unusual hipster dress fuck a fake man… in multiple positions… for a long time. I suppose if you’re being held captive, this is something you’ve gotta try, and if you really want to take it as a “glass half full” sort of way, at least it’s instructional. Follow that with an orgy…. A long… drawn out… orgy. Very long. I mean we’re talking long. Insert a back story about the escapees that are holding our beloved victims captive, more doll sex then… you guessed it… orgy. I suppose given the recent New York prison break debacle, this movie almost has significance an starts to feel less dated.

Throughout the whole mess of flesh (or perhaps a flesh pond as it were) the lady in the blue lingerie is the favorite, the one to watch with the boniest ass you’ve ever seen on an adult movie star. Some of the music the ensues is straight out of Sesame Street or perhaps a department store which is up beat but moderately in appropriate. There are very few opportunities for non-orgy sex.

If you like big cocks and big, furry bushes come on over to the pond and stay awhile. I assure you this thing has a happy ending and everyone gets good and fucked. So as we stated in the opening to this review, no shot of San Fran, but the whole goddamn thing is an orgy. I suppose there’s some kind of Zen like balance in that.

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