Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Super Sex and Pulsating Flesh (Peekarama Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - Even More Tobalina

Peekarama has become a bit of a Tobalina fest in the last year. For those of you familiar with Carlos’ work you’ll be happy to see more of it complete with shots of San Fran and orgies abounding. The two feature included in the new Vinegar Syndrome double feature aren’t quite Tobalina’s best. Super Sex feels like it was shot quickly and without much thought while Pulsating Flesh is a return to form with comedic overtones that keep the movie flowing nicely.

D: Carlos Tobalina / 1987 / 159 min (combined) / Color / 1.85:1

Features Include:

+ DVD | Region Free | 1.85:1 OAR
+ Restored in 2k from 35mm camera negatives
+ Original theatricals for both films

Super Sex

From Vinegar Syndrome:

Two sleazy psychiatrists, one young and one old, hypnotize their innocent female patients into becoming insatiable harlots and have their sleazy way with them. With some patients needing no coaxing at all we learn what it takes to cure sexual problems.

From the opening shot of San Francicso you can be assured that you are watching a Carlos Tobalina movie no matter who the movie states is the director. What you may not expect is the name BEVERLY DOOM in the credits! If that doesn’t excite you maybe an obviously fake name like Julia St. Cloud does the trick.

Super sex is filled with candy ass, canned easy listening piano, shitty sets and empty sets to boot. There’s plenty of bad acting and quite honestly, some damn boring sexy as well as some infamously strange boobs. It doesn’t get much more formulaic than this with a Freudian psychotherapy providing the vehicle for the naughty business throughout the movie.

Not quite the typical Tobalina action packed orgy sessions here but a few threesomes, a vibrator and some of the strangest looking male and female actors I’ve seen in an adult feature (outside of the Avon Triple feature released last month from Vinegar Syndrome). Carlos… the dream is over.

Pulsating Flesh

From Vinegar Syndrome:

Peter Longfellow has a unique gift: he can impregnate any woman, no matter who they are, even if they’re on the pill. Peter is invited to a talk show to share stories of his strange abilities as two young bi-sexuals watch the interview from their bedroom wishing they could join in.

We must be entering a very difficult period for Tobalina. There’s more shitty music in this feature, but at least the title pulsates. The story line is quite funny with a talk show theme focused around a male guest who can’t seem to NOT get women pregnant. In fact it’s become his job…  knock women up for loads of cash.

This picture has some of the worst dialogue I’ve heard in an adult movie. There’s so much eye makeup, big hair, so many dildos. Hey, at least the audience gets to watch the whole thing in the studio audience via a monitor.

Still there are some great close ups and a fine return to form as Tobalina resurrects his passion for the orgy. The cast is better than that of Super Sex, the production value has greatly improved over Super Sex and even with the bad music, the humor of this picture carries it through. Best line from Peter Longfellow: “My Sperms are so strong I’ve even gotten women pregnant who are on the pill and the IUD”. Ends with an orgy. End picture. Tobalina lives.

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