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The Young LIke It Hot and Sweet Young Foxes (Peekarama Vinegar Syndrome LIMITED EDITION BLU-RAY)

The first Peekarama Big 2 Unit Show on Blu-ray! That’s a big milestone. Vinegar Syndrome is bringing you a limited edition run of a Bob Chinn double feature in HD. You have 2000 chances to get in on this funny and innovative set of movies (the release is limited to 2000). Both movies are directed by Bob Chinn, but they also star Kay Parker and Hyapatia Lee, staples of the Chinn adult film world. Before we talk about each movie from a content perspective I want to assure you that each movie is in gorgeous HD. If you’ve become familiar with Vinegar Syndrome’s Blu-ray releases then you know that they take special care to make them look amazing. The color saturation is vibrant, film grain structure excellent and blacks are true. While the typical Peekarama release will look excellent and the transfer, superb they clearly took more care of this Blu-ray release in terms of clean up. If you are unfamiliar with the Peekarama series, this would be a great way to rediscover adult cinema in HD.

You can order the Big 2 Unit Show on Blu-ray now whilesupplies last! Now on to the individual titles and what you can expect.

The Young Like It Hot

From Vinegar Syndrome:

Trouble is brewing at a small town phone help line. The girls have just found out that they are slated to be replaced by computers. Determined to show their bosses that technology is no match for their skills, they begin offering their callers erotic conversations the likes of which have never been heard before!

Director: Bob Chinn
Starring: Hyapatia Lee, Kay Parker, Joey Silvera, Eric Edwards
1983 / 90 minutes / 1.85:1 OAR / Color

The Young Like It Hot has a fantastic theme song featuring the title of the movie that must be heard to be believed. It’s this era in adult entertainment that truly shines in terms of production quality, creativity and novelty. This is something you can expect from Bob Chinn; he knows how to entertain and elate.

The story itself is classic porn trope with a telephone switching office that may be undergoing an upgrade to computerized switches that will put a lot of hot bodies out of work. As you may imagine the workers won’t let their jobs go without a fight, taking proactive steps to combat the forces of technology in the workplace. So what’s their method? Keep the customer happy. Keep them on the line and make sure they keep using the switch service. Obscene phone calls with inter office hijincks and few lessons in proper sexual etiquette and you’ve got an office built for a modern day HR nightmare!

The methods by which these telephone workers save their jobs are varied and entertaining. When was the last time your operator was able to offer deep throat lessons to you on your marital bed? Have you ever consoled a  co-worker with a  lesbian love session? Have you ever felt suicidal? Did you call a suicide hotline that ended up being a suicide “hot line”?

What astonishes me is that the movie seems to balance anti-trust conversation and Ma Bell dialogue, a sign of the time with some classic one liners that really drive home the theme. How often do you find deep conversation about trust breaking in a porno? When is the last time you heard Alexander Graham Bell’s name evoked in an adult film?

Chinn’s movie have the best close up shots and the ending will satisfy. Keep an eye out for the guy who looks like Will Forte. If the lovely ladies don’t entice you, wait till you hear Big Dick’s dirty talk. William Margold is a funny fella and the disc includes an interview with him.

Sweet Young Foxes

From Vinegar Syndrome:

It’s summer and beautiful young college freshman, Laura (Hyapatia Lee), is home from school and bored out of her mind. With her boyfriend out of town, Laura decides to spend the summer finding herself. In the process she uncovers a world of sexual delights she never knew existed.
Director: Bob Chinn

Starring: Hyapatia Lee, Kay Parker, Ron Jeremy, Eric Edwards
1983 / 86 minutes / 1.85:1 OAR / Color

This feature includes the a bonus interview with the man himself, Bob Chinn. What astounds me is how soft spoken this guy is. I always took him for a monster party animal. Granted he’s a bit older now, but it’s obvious that his professionalism over the years is what kept him in business and creating quality entertainment.

Sweet Young Foxes has a fairly straight forward plot without much of the gimmickry used in the first feature. Still the theme song features the line “Sweet young foxes know what they want, know how to get it”. Thus extends the Chinn tradition of excellent production value derived from the opening credits. This particular feature also star Pat Manning, Hustler centerfold from October 1982 as well as the illustrious Ron Jeremy!

The whole thing plays off like a teen Harlequin romance novel complete with our lead reciting her diary in the opening. This isn’t exactly funny, but it does provide a nice framework to build a series of fuck scenes. Plenty of soft focus, star filter and smooth jazz make this one feel less raunchy, more seductive. Of course the lovemaking lesson (a staple of the Chinn movie?) is offered by master cocksman Ron Jeremy in a real muff diver of a scene.

Of course it goes downhill from there with a shower scene, some woman to woman advice followed by yet another shower scene. The whole thing comes together in a montage of different sex scenes between lesbians, some straight sex and finally, an almost essay esque closing paragraph from our female protagonist. 

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