Thursday, September 17, 2015

Extreme Jukebox (Troma Blu-ray)

Troma is known for distributing some questionable material. Some of it is really quite funny, has plenty of style and battles the big name Hollywood movies (think Father's Day). Others are low budget movies with plenty of potential in dire need of a distro deal to give them an audience but that come from filmmakers with heart. I think we can safely say that Extreme Jukebox is a labor of love from an Italian filmmaker who had a healthy obsession with Heavy Metal Horror the 80's While retro is certainly in, and this 2013 effort certainly understands the subgenre, I'm afraid it isn't quite the Rock N' Roll Nightmare you'd expect.

Director, writer, actor Alberto Bogo has one movie under this belt. This one. He has little to lose getting a name like Troma on his side. In fact I dare say that the kind of violent, sexy film he is putting out with limited means can be quite successful. As a fan of Heavy Metal Horror there are a few serious musts to make a successful picture in the subgenre. You need to have a sexy actor or actress... pick one. It doesn't matter if he/she is male or female as long as your cookies are baking. Extreme Jukebox delivers with some femme hotties. You're killer should look great with full metal styling and a mask. This is where Extreme Jukebox suffers. I dislike the look of the killer. I also dislike the music even though I'm a huge metal fan. It has a couple credible kills and you can tell that the boob/blood combo that Troma puts into their original pictures is present in the proper ratio in Extreme Jukebox. It's a smart fit for the label even if it isn't my favorite.

Filmmaker Bogo got a shot on a reputable indie label to put out a splat and slash flick. He made due with his budget nicely offering a few interesting moments surrounded by some newbie mistakes. That's fine. It's his first movie. Extreme Jukebox isn't ordinary. It is a love letter to a much beloved subgenre in Horror, and will definitely entertain the Troma audience, especially if you dug Pot Zombies. 

Make sure to check out the trailer HERE

From Troma:

“Welcome to Nova Springs, a rock and roll metropolis chock-full of rising stars. You’ll meet Jessie, a charismatic rocker, and his groupie girlfriend, Chloe. After unearthing a mysterious LP in the abandoned estate of legendary 80s superstar David Crystal, these young lovers unleash a bloodthirsty spirit…the infamous “Killer of the Woods.” As the bodies pile up, it’s up to Jessie, Chloe, and rock’n’roll priest Father Zappa (Italian heavy-metal pioneer Pino Scotto) to set things right. It’s LORDS OF SALEM by way of ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL, with a side of spaghetti!”

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