Monday, September 21, 2015

Horror Wax Update - MONDOCON Exclusives and Featured Titles

We have two extremely wonderful updates from our favorite distro companies in vinyl. One from Waxwork Records and the other from Mondo that involves their annual MondoCon that features exclusive, Con-first releases. 

First let’s dig into Waxwork Records who are releasing the soundtrack for Tourist Trap for the first time on vinyl in over 30 years. I own the original. It’s nothing special save for having a nice feature image of the original poster art. It’s thin. It’s expensive to purchase (running upward of $60 in any reasonable condition) and despite being put out by Varèse Sarabande in their prime in 1979, it’s time has come. This is a deluxe remastered release, affordable with liner notes from composer Pino Donnagio and director David Schmoeller.

Here’s the cover art courtesy of Waxwork Records created by one of my favorite artists, Sadist Art Designs.

Preorder up next week and it will also be available at MondoCon

The second big update comes from Mondo and related to the MondoCon exclusives that will be available the weekend of October 3rd and 4th  in Austin, TX. There are a few different high quality labels included in the most recent Mondo newsletter to point out. We’ll break it down one at a time in addition to the aforementioned Waxwork release.


The Army of Darkness and Black Swan scores will be premiering on vinyl. Black Swan is a double LP with artwork from Sam Wolfe Connolly and pressed on White and Blue vinyl. Army of Darkness features artwork by Richey Beckett and is pressed on Black Vortex Swirl vinyl. This is a truly a unique presentation for both releases in true Mondo fashion. I have a feeling the Army of Darkness work may draw some criticism though I enjoy it thoroughly. Mondo will have lots of other goodies on hand including two new variants of 2015 releases.

Death Waltz

One of my favorite labels and patron saint of Italian Horror score fans, Death Waltz, is releasing The Black Belly of The Tarantula by Ennio Morricone in a limited multicolor splatter in a gatefold jacket. Limited to 500. They will have The Beyond and Frizzi 2 Fulci Live releases on hand that will be leftover from the live Fabio Frizzi performance during MondoCon. They will also have available an Umberto 7” to accompany the live performance of the rescoring of Pieces taking place at MondoCon.

Light in the Attic

LITA will make available their release of The Puppet Master music collection and Wolfcop deluxe edition with bonus 7”. I’ve preordered The Puppet Master release and should be providing a review once I receive it.

Waxwork Records

Waxwork will have Tourist trap as we previously wrote about but they will also have upfront copies of Nosferatu: The Vampyre and their latest release of CHUD. These are all exciting releases.The artwork on Nosferatu is breathtaking an intricate and CHUD is just plain fun with the variants and artwork offered.

Lunaris Records

Lunaris Records unleashed a grand pre-order of the Night of the Demons score over the summer and will be offering a limited edition MondoCon exclusive cassette featuring Night of the Demons packaged in a clamshell case with exclusive alternate artwork. This should satiate both kinds of tapeheads. Cassette and VHS freaks.

Strange Disc

Strange Disc will have an exclusive MondoCon edition of Slime City (75 hand numbered copies with alternate artwork), the remaining copies of Surf Nazis Must Die on vinyl & cassette, as well as some ORIGINAL Surf Nazis t-shirts from back in the day that they discovered in a warehouse! I own the Slime City score and it is a must own even if you haven’t enjoyed the movie. The variant I have is green, slimy and always seems to impress.


Terrorvision is a label with which I am unfamiliar however they are bringing their From a Whisper to a Scream release to MondoCon. Having enjoyed this movie again recently on the Scream Factory Blu-ray, I am definitely going to have to track this one down.

Ship To Shore Phonoco.

The NYC-based label will be bringing the last remaining colored vinyl copies of Class Of Nuke 'Em High & Martin plus some screen-printed posters and previewing some forthcoming titles

Information used from the MondoCon newsletter with notes added.

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