Tuesday, September 29, 2015

June (RLJ DVD)

You know what I hate to do? Read the synopsis about a movie and think to myself, didn’t I see this before several times? If you’re a fan of the slasher genre, you’re used to this and actually look forward to watching the formula unfold with slight variations and a fresh killer. Now when it comes to the possession genre, I simply cannot abide it. June is the perfect example of a quality movie, shot well with good performances that brings nothing new to the table. Mind you, that doesn’t make it a bad movie, but it makes it feel somewhat ordinary.

The whole production looks professional, shot well and feels like a movie as opposed to other films in this genre that really try to the exploit the audience L Gustavo Cooper took time and care to create a realistic place for his story to happen and filled it with folks who give strong performances. Unfortunately anything involving an aspect of Horror looks status quo. The possession and telekinetic  happenings feel like they were taken from another movie and inserted into this one. In that sense it does feel like a very modern possession flick. Don’t expect an Exorcist rehash or a play on Italian possession pictures from the 70’s.
While I’m not a fan of June, I do think it has something to offer an audience who is really into modern possession movies. The opening sequence where June is with a completely trashed out foster family is some of the scariest shit you’ll see in a movie, though not necessarily from a Horror angel.

June is available on DVD and Digital October 6th.

From RLJ:

JUNE tells the story of nine-year-old June (Brice) who has been shuffled in and out of foster homes for years. And though she tries to be good, no matter where she goes, a trail of chaos and terror seems to follow. It’s only when June is sent to live with a new couple, Lily (Pratt) and Dave (Van Dien), that it looks as if things might finally work out. Except this innocent child with the face of an angel is possessed by an ancient, malevolent entity that has hijacked her soul. Unless June can defeat the demon within, her new family – and mankind itself – are destined for destruction. 

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