Sunday, September 13, 2015

Run. Hide. Die (RLJ DVD)

I don’t want to spend a lot of time on Run Hide Die. The naming convention feels like it is playing off the alternate title of Edge of Tomorrow, Live. Die. Repeat. I know it isn’t, but it’s something to think about. What you’ve got here is cabin in the woods, Maniacal Killer Horror. It isn’t particularly effective and it isn’t overly original.

Strong point: The tormentor in question has backwoodsy evil quality that works. This won’t make the character any more memorable, but it makes watching Run Hide Die passable.

Week point: You’ve seen this movie before and unless you’re simply terrified of all the variations by which you might be killed in the a house in the middle of nowhere, this probably won’t excite you.

Don’t let the cover art fool you into thinking that you’re getting Hatchet 5000 or a neo-classic slasher. This is modern day, overly logical, lacking fantasy based on Horror. 

From Image:

A year after Addison Davenport’s husband was found murdered in their home, the emotional wounds are still raw and gaping. On this devastating anniversary, Addison’s in-laws generously offer her their summer cabin as a healing retreat. With her four best friends in tow, Addie sets off for this idyllic spot, deep in the woods, to find some peace and possibly even some fun. But it soon becomes clear that the girls are not alone, as each is savagely captured and terrorized. One of them is hiding a dark secret, for which their tormentor plans to exact a brutal revenge. Before the night is over, what began as a carefree road trip will descend into a shocking bloodbath of malice and butchery.

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