Friday, September 18, 2015

Tango of Perversion (Mondo Macabro DVD)

Mondo Macabro puts out plenty of classic, foreign Horror pictures that may never have seen the light of your DVD laser otherwise, but Tango of Perversion actually focuses on their other specialty, exploitation. What we have here is a strange romp into the underground world of sexploitation cinema in Greece. The beauty of the thing is that Tango of Perversion despite its slow pace and lack of dynamic performance, tests you with … well… perversion, just as the name suggests. Of the dark fantasy pictures I’ve enjoyed from Greece or filmed in Greece, this is one of the sickest despite its poor production value. As with The Wife Killer, consider this an education in Greek cinema and a time capsule to an era, but this time, less Giallo and more shock cinema.

A modern audience who has been through A Serbian Film or Martyers and come out the other side changed may not find the necrophilia in Tango of Perversion shocking but considering the time and climate from which the movie emerges, when taken in context, it’s actually ahead of its time. That doesn’t mean that the shock is executed well or that you’ll be anything more than slightly turned on my nude, dead bodies, but it’s the effort that counts; the dare to do something shocking and unique. For some reason I always come back to Island of Death when talking about Greek dark fantasy, and what Tango of Perversion tries to do, boldly, Island of Death eventually succeeded at.

This is one of a pair of Greek films put out by Mondo Macabro along with The Wife Killer, and both show similar quality of print and transfer. While Tango of Perversion looks very nice, and it’s great to see these get a digital transfer, the print itself is somewhat damaged. For such an obscure title, we are lucky to have this one released at all, and I only mention it because some collectors get upset when the release isn’t archival. If you are familiar with the Mondo Macabro label than you know that the focus on getting movies in your hands, affordably and with care taken. They do not shy away from releasing imperfect movies to our benefit and Tango of Perversion has all of the grindy qualities you’d like to see if you’re a fan of 42nd Street cinema.

Enjoy Tango of Perversion, and its strange vision of the Mediterranean in the 70’s.

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From Mondo Macabro:

The Tango club is the favorite hangout for a group of swingers who live for nothing but pleasure. Rosita, a beautiful lesbian, seduces Joanna by giving her dope. Stathis, Joanna's sleazy boyfriend catches the two women in bed together and takes his brutal revenge on them, ending in Rosita’s death. All this happens in the house of Joachim, a rich playboy who gets his kicks by secretly filming Stathis having sex with girls from the Tango club. Joachim believes he is impotent, until he makes love to Rosita's dead body. After that, things start to get weird... Sex, drugs, necrophilia, voyeurism and a dose of Greek psychedelia, this film has it all. One of the legendary exploitation films of the early 1970s now makes its US home video debut in a brand new print, complete and uncut.

Bonus Features:

Uncut version
Brand new transfer from film negative
Interviews with cast and crew
Extensive production notes
Newly created optional subtitles

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