Friday, September 11, 2015

The Babysitter (Olive Blu-ray)

Remember when Alicia Silverstone starred in Aerosmith videos and excited us to no end without a single word uttered. She was the ultimate bad girl for a short period time, set to music and set to stun. Then Silverstone learned to speak or at least she starred in Clueless. Now I love Clueless, but this was a far cry from the seductive, rebel girl that we saw in the music videos. She was funny and the movie itself touches your heart, but I think we were all ready to see her to go mega-sexy and mega-badass again. Of course there’s also a little movie called The Crush that got everyone excited for Silverstone and perhaps that is the most relevant movie the 1995 erotic thriller The Babysitter which is out now from Olive Films. The real question is… do you get the “Most Desirable Woman” back fresh off her MTV Video Award win?

The Babysitter is one long mess of infatuation. Imagine that everyone is bidding on the same woman with their own strange fantasies trying to win her affection only in their minds and only their minds succeeding. Everyone from the father of the children for which Silverstone is babysitting to her ex to her ex’s twisted friend gets in on the fantasy, flashback reel. In the meantime, Silverstone babysits and she plays the role well. Perhaps too well to the point of a boredom. When The Babysitter is hot, it’s hot and filthy and sleazy albeit without a skin shot. When it’s not hot, it’s like watching a nanny cam and a bunch of hopeless guys scheme, without comedy, to win the affections of the unobtainable femme du jour.

Enjoy wacked out performances by J.T. Walsh and Jeremy London who play superbs sleazoids. London’s performance is like watching a creepy version of his character in Mall Rats without the happy ending. Also, keep an eye out for Tuesday Knight as a waitress.

The packaging for this release is traditional and the menu screen is the traditional cover art. There are no new features for this release, but the actual transfer and quality of picture are good. Given the slight cult success of The Babysitter, it’s nice to see that this film got an HD release. This is a movie first and foremost for fans of Silverstone and London. It’s a fan for folks who enjoy the 90’s focus on sexuality in movies. This one just doesn’t take any true risks. You’d almost be able to cite it as a watered down second cousin to American Beauty, not as funny, not as creepy.

From Olive Films:

Harry and Dolly Tucker (J.T. Walsh and Lee Carlington), out for an evening at a party hosted by Bill and Bernice Holston (George Segal and Lois Chiles), hire high school student Jennifer (Silverstone) to babysit their two children. Jennifer will find herself the recipient of unwanted advances from her estranged boyfriend Jack (Jeremy London), a manipulative and threatening acquaintance, Mark (Nicky Katt) and — in the case of a very drunken Harry — the object of erotic fantasies. What begins as a quiet evening of babysitting escalates into a series of emotional confrontations, physical altercations and a life-shattering event in the tension-filled The Babysitter.

The Babysitter, directed by Guy Ferland (Telling Lies In America) from a screenplay by Robert Coover (TV’s Alexandria), features compelling performances by Alicia Silverstone (Clueless), Jeremy London (Mallrats), Nicky Katt (Sin City), George Segal (A Touch of Class), Lois Chiles (The Way We Were), J.T. Walsh (A Few Good Men) and Lee Carlington (One Hour Photo).

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