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The Incredible Sex Revolution and On a Bed of Roses (Vinegar Syndrome DVD)

It’s a Zugsmith Drive-In Collection double feature! But what does that even mean? Albert Zugsmith has brought us Touch of Evil, the previously reviewed Fanny Hill and Confessions of an Opium Eater which starred Vincent Price. He’s produced quite a few films and was active in a directorial capacity until the mid-70’s. His work is vice driven; sex, drugs and most of it seems to play out like a cautionary film or public service announcement against drugs or the sexual revolution. I suppose that’s where The Incredible Sex Revolution and On Her Bed of Roses come into play. Both movies feature the sexual revolution and display the taboos of modern culture. These are black and white pictures, and clearly they are drive-in fare which makes both movies appropriate for this particular collection.

On Her Bed of Roses

From Vinegar Syndrome:

A deranged sniper shoots at cars on a freeway, only to commit suicide as the police close in. In a series of flashbacks, the people who knew this disturbed young man reflect on what might have caused him to embark on his deadly rampage. Directed by Albert Zugsmith (Confessions of an Opium Eater), On Her Bed of Roses is an odd blending of post-noir, Vietnam era character drama and drive-in sleaze. Presented here in its rarely seen international ‘hot’ version and restored from the original 35mm negative.

Both movies focus on the “plight of their time”, and the use of therapy as a point of story exposition. While the sexual revolution is the focus of The Incredible Sex Revolution, On Her Bed of Roses displays a violent society and decides it has to try to psychoanalytically decipher its origin. We open with a violent scene of a sniper committing an attack on a highway full of cars which is just intense and big and full of energy. The rest of the movie is spent deciphering the mess that led up to the shooting. This features the same psychologist in The Sex Revolution.

There are plenty of topless women and strange sexual situations so don’t let the more violent nature of the picture make you think you won’t see POV shots of women seducing you with their bosoms, pulsing hips and twirling ta’s. All of this leads up to the reason for the shooting of course… you’ll have to stick around to see what all the fuss is about.

On Her Bed of Roses just looks great. The picture quality is truly amazing and the print is gorgeous. The grain structure is pretty great. If these movies were more popular I’m sure we would have gotten Blu-rays of both. This half of the double feature has the soft edits of the movie.

The Incredible Sex Revolution

From Vinegar Syndrome:

A young woman relays her sexual hang-ups to her psychiatrist. As her problems play out in flashbacks, the psychiatrist shares stories of historical sex, leading up to an orgiastic conclusion.
Let’s go to the Chase Motel and rent a room for $6 a night and watch a married couple, though not married to each other. We follow them via the words of a straight-man narrator offering a tell all tale of the sexual revolution that starts with Adam and Eve and then slowly evolves into the modern day underground debauch. Sexual terms are defined to help explain the deviant behavior being observed. There’s plenty of skin from the get go from some very attractive folks.

The narration is a constant through the whole film, sometimes adding to the comedic effect of the film, but often yielding some overacted sequence which steal the show. The narrator changes dependingon whether there’s a historical sexual lesson to be learned or a confession. The opening of the picture discusses Albert Zugsmith, his intentions about the movie and what you’re about to see. In that regard I can’t help but feel like I’m watching a well-produced, well shot Ed Wood picture without the horrendous naked body of Ed Wood.

The Incredible Sex Revolution is a beautiful DVD transfer with gorgeous contrast and deep blacks. It’s actually quite impressive for a DVD release much less a DVD double feature. It features traditional poster art of both features on the cover and also includes softcore cuts of scenes from the The Incredible Sex Revolution.

This is one funny picture, and I enjoyed it more than I liked Fanny Hill which is also a beautifully shot movie. Some of the best topless dancing I’ve seen from this period. The cool kids are going to love this therapist’s glasses. We are all composite statistics in the sexual revolution, really.


+ DVD | Region Free | 1.85:1 OAR
+ Restored in 2k from 35mm negatives
+ Alternate ‘soft scene’ outtakes

You can purchase this Drive-In double feature from Vinegar Syndrome as a single disc:

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