Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Sensually Liberated Female and He and She (Vinegar Syndrome Peekarama DVD)

Welcome to a non-Tobalina Peekarama. Some of you will be relieved while others will demand orgies and wide shots of San Francisco. Today we discuss two movies created by Matt Climber. While he would become an experienced adult filmmaker, these two features were made relatively early in his career in the late 60’s/early 70’s Adult entertainment had not yet reached the mark of quality it would soon aspire to in the mid 70’s. Many of you familiar with the Video Nasties out of the UK will have seen and been titillated by Climber’s contribution: The Witch Who Came From the Sea. Quite honestly, that movie has grown on me over the years and having the chance to see it projected on film was a joy. These are not The Witch Who Came From the Sea. This is early semi-documentary style porn.

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Single Disc: 

The Sensually Liberated Female

From Vinegar Syndrome:

Inspired by the best selling book The Sensuous Woman, Matt Cimber’s farcical interpretation of the white-coater, sex-ed genre is hosted by sultry voiced Linda Guiness, who takes the viewer on a journey through the sexual habits of women. From public debauchery to the integration of vegetables, the secret desires of women are explored in explicit close up! Long thought lost, Vinegar Syndrome presents The Sensually Liberated Female uncut and newly restored on home video for the first time.

The Sensually Liberated Female seems to be a post-feminist look into sexual education for women who have been oppressed by societal norms that have kept women from enjoying their bodies, the bodies of men and prevented them from a unique set of pleasures hidden away in the closet. It’s quite humorous though I think that it could actually provide some value to a folks who have been truly kept in the dark.

Of course this is a work of pure comedy that satirizes source material that took the topic of women’s sexual oppression and awakening quite seriously. Everything deserves a good jab especially if it might help women to become more comfortable with penises, showers, vegetables and whip cream. Enjoy the sound of the proper, well-spoken femme offering instruction and advice. Can we get this voice on a GPS?

The movie is more amateurish than some of the more experienced directors we’ve seen featured in the Peekarama series. There are interesting choices of light and shadow that make the movie artsy. Strange slow motion dance sequences too. The transfer is good though the source material does show some signs of wear.

He and She

From Vinegar Syndrome:

Following the mad success of Man & Wife, the first American made explicit feature film, Matt Cimber created this ambitious follow-up, focusing on the sex life of a hippie couple. Filled with trippy visuals and a rotating bed, He & She would become one of the most successful white coaters ever made! Vinegar Syndrome presents this early rarity newly restored and uncut for the very first time!

He and She is another documentary style adult feature. It has, without a doubt, the longest disclaimer message provided by the Producers of a film ever. Long than the intergalactic words in Star Wars. Rather than a sultry sounding Brit, this time we get a rigid looking and sounding old man to teach us how to get it on in the new, free world.

He and She actually looks pretty great save for some damage to the source material. Much better than The Sensually Liberated Female. This picture, while also instructional in nature, narrated by a man instead of a woman and focuses on the couple. All of the crazy lighting and music is back. Look at all the colors! Dammit I’ve heard enough jazz flute to last a lifetime.

Perhaps the only problem I see with either of these features is that they truly do come off as instructional almost to the point of being a little dull. Not much room for adventure when you’re used to seeing or performing many of these acts in the “enlightened” age of sex. Perhaps both of these movies serve as comedic time capsules; movies that help us remember what it was like to have no idea where the clitoris is.

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