Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Boardinghouse (Olive and Slasher//Video DVD)

Boardinghouse is one of those movies that has a very tried and true cult following. These folks adore this movie for more than it’s completely absurd low budget computer effects and beyond the hot bodies on screen. In one respect I’d compare the loyal audience that support this movie to those who adore The Room. Both are quotable with one liners back with humor (unintentional of course). Both movies trail off in their plot and storyline to create long winded effects and kill sequences in a state of perfect chaos. The leading man in both The Room and Boardinghouse is genuinely unique and provides ample material for lovable riffing. Slasher//Video released Boardinghouse a few years back as a single disc release and now we have the chance to enjoy a double disc set with new packaging and some different extras in an Slasher//Video team up with Olive that will see many of the SV’s SOV titles revisited on DVD as updated offerings in much the same way that Olive released Satan’s Blade.

Should you pick up Boardinghouse if you have already picked up the previously release from Slasher//Video. While this release does have a few extras, they are primary music video additions rather than substantial Boardinghouse related featurettes. The packaging has been modified to include rental stickers, blown up artwork (that somehow has a line going to down the center) and a more clear special features guide on the back. The image on the back of the package has been changed and of course you now get two discs instead one.

While I didn’t notice any difference in the picture quality between the two releases, a primary complaint with the single disc version was that that compression must be extremely high to pack everything on a single disc. It appears that the transfers and compression are identical, simply split on two discs instead of one. This is going by information provided by my player, but I’m not sure if this will be considered an upgrade with that fact in mind.

There are a couple unique extras:
  • Terror on Tour Revisited
  • Break It Off Live
 But you lose the reversible cover art and the full poster art on the front of the original Slasher//Video package. You also have a big ol’ Olive stamp on the front which may deter purists.

If you don’t own Boardinghouse this would be an excellent option for you. It contains the maximum amount of extras available while preserving the feel and look of this SOV classic. If you already have the previously released Slasher//Video offering, you may not need to upgrade for the few additional extras, but the new packaging and double disc presentation may inspire you.

You can order Boardinghouse now from Olive/Slasher//Video:

From Olive:

The Hoffman house has what one would call a “haunted history.” Shuttered after a series of mysterious deaths in the early 1970’s, ten years later Jim Royce (John Wintergate, Terror on Tour), a relative and clairvoyant, has reopened his inheritance as a boarding house for young women. But beware … the dark forces are not to be trifled with. Murder and mayhem soon return and no one, and we mean NO ONE, is safe.

Slasher // Video presents Boardinghouse, directed by and starring John Wintergate (Terror on Tour) and co-starring Alexandra Day (Double Heat), Joel Riordan (A Prize of Gold), and Brian Bruderlin (Venice Beach).

Full extra list:

Theatrical Disc

Original Film Intro

Original Trailer

Alt Ending

Rare Trailers, TV Spots, Voiceovers

2008 Interview with Johnn and Kalassu

Q & A with Johnn Wintergate, Kalassu and Jesus Teran

Behind the Scenes/Music Video B- Roll

33 1/3 Teeth Magazine Interviews

Boardinghouse Photo Gallery

Director’s Cut Disc

Turn off on commentary

Light Storm Photo Gallery

The Phantom Demo Reel

Terror on Tour Revisited

Break it off Live

O My Love = Teeth Lightstorm with a bite song

Stop Fooling Around video

The Raven/Break It Off Music Video

Loved Starved Music Video

Teeth live in Europe 1981

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