Thursday, October 29, 2015

Caeser and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween (Wild Eye Releasing)

There is an audience for the Caeser and Otto movies. I’m not entirely sure that I am it, but I do recognize that Horror Comedy is big right now. Horror Holiday Comedy… even more so. I watched Caeser and Otto’s Deadly Xmas and found it unfunny, a bit of a knock off of the Scary Movie franchise and completely all over the place in a slam dance of sketch comedy meets pun and parody humor. Caeser and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween is out from Wild Eye Releasing, and I suppose that if you’ve seen the trailer, read the synopsis and done some soul searching, you’d realize that it’s Deadly Xmas at Halloween. That’s exactly what it is.

Rather than tell you what I dislike about Paranormal Halloween, I’d prefer to allow this serve as a way to reach out to the fans of Deadly Xmas. If you dug that movie, you’ll love Paranormal Activity. Your male leads are back and this time you get to enjoy them spoofing movies like Insidious and The Conjuring. Again, this is much like you’d expect from the Scary Movie franchise only low budget and with a slightly different taste. It’s not raunchier; it’s more raw. Of course the focus here is on spoofing Horror movies rather than Christmas Horror or Christmas traditions, which may actually divide an audience who loves cheeseball Christmas Horror but wants their Halloween Horror to be frightening or more camp the cheese.

This is a low budget independent release like Deadly Xmas. The effects are similar as is the production value. For those of you who haven’t seen Deadly Xmas that means expect B level effects with the emphasis on humor rather than realism. Judging by the number of folks who have really gravitated to toward Caeser and Otto (and part of me thinks this has more to do with the success off Tucker and Dale vs. The Evil than a love of these two characters) Paranormal Halloween will definitely find and audience that will laugh at it.

You can order Caeser and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween from Wild Eye Releasing now.

From Wild Eye Releasing:

It's Halloween Eve and Caesar and Otto find themselves housesitting for the world's most unpopular Governor, Jerry Grayson (MacFarlane). But after a series of ghostly visions, strange phenomenon and a demonic possession, the half-brothers call upon renowned exorcist Father Jason Stieger to help put a stop to this new nightmare. But in this house, nothing is what it seems and everyone is fair game for the mysterious forces at work.  

The DVD release of Caesar and Otto's Paranormal Halloween will exclusively include two feature length commentaries with director Dave Campfield, cast and crew, The Son of Piggyzilla shorts trilogy, a tribute to Robert Z'Dar, trailers and other videos

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