Thursday, October 1, 2015

HolidazeBlog Halloween Challenge Day 1: Favorite Horror Movie

Creepshow. It has to be Creepshow. Well it doesn't really haaave to be. Anytime someone ask me what my favorite Horror movie is, I freeze up. I get a massive dose of performance anxiety and I go limp. I have no idea how to answer, so I end up answering using as many titles as I have loved in my life. Sometimes I just start listing off the titles that I've seen recently that impressed me and still others... I run.

Creepshow has been a steadfast movie in my life since I was a kid, saw it too young with the neighbor kids in tow and then preceded to have dreams and fantasies about it for years. I remember finding my father's comic book adaptation. I read it till it fell apart. The back cover with King's bearded face in red and black freaked me out. I could never read They're Creeping Up on You before bed. Massive Heebie Jeebie panic attacks. I always stared at Billie's nipples when she's being eaten by Fluffy. But that's the comic adaptation.

When Nathan Grantham's hand pops out of the ground in Father's Day I still jump. When I was a kid I'd cover my eyes until I could hear the expert music from John Harrison sting loud and proud. Then I'd dig the Hell out of one of the greatest zombie creations in cinema history. That's what George Romero and Tom Savini can do for you.

Creepshow and more specifically The Crate is where my star crush for Adrienne Barbeau emerged. Like I said, I used to stare at her nips in the comic book and realize she's not exactly the nicest person in the film, but those bazongas. Those outfits. That wholesale trash. Something got me gooey for Barbeau, and it's stuck with me.

See...nipples. Boner.

Then there are thoughts about the movie that have evolved. No one really says that The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill is their favorite story. They just don't. While Father's Day and The Crate have always tied as personal favorites with Father's Day winning by a hair, the story about Jordy Verrill is depressing and really real. I find myself able to empathize with him. Identify with him. I guess that's what happens when you spend six months pining away drunk in an apartment alone, watching TV like I did. You finally get Jordy, his death and the loneliness. I think I'll grow to love it more as I get older and life changes me.

E.G. Marshall is a goddamn bastard! He really deserves everything he gets in Creepshow. I love to watch him explode in the end, but it's almost better seeing him earn his death. Great special effects and this may be the story that involved the most patience. That many bugs must require many bug wranglers.

What about Something to Tide You Over? It's got a strong finish with expert library music and some true comedy relief. When you've watched The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill, you need a recovery movie. Something to Tide You Over is a great pickup movie. Do you go to the beach ecah summer? Do you bury yourself up to your neck? Do you plan your escape just in case someone ever digs a a hole below the high tide line? I do. Every time I'm on the beach.

The wrap story is our origin story. Not all of us, but many Horror fiends with shit dad's or at least dad's trying (and failing) to do their best. We are Billy. As a father I try and fail daily at not being Billy's dad. I remember to give me kids the comic books where the "people turn in to weeds for christsake" and I never say "That's why god made fathers". I also search their rooms for voodoo dolls.

I had the chance to order a replica of the comic used in the movie (not the actual one published). It's not complete, but it contains the important scenes from the movie. I recently picked up a tabletop standee and the UK version of the Blu-ray. I just to pick up each and every version I can find. I'm even wearing a Creepshow T-shirt from Pizza Party Printing right now and ordered Mondo's Creepshow prints today upon release. I own every variant of the Waxwork Records release, a signed CD by John Harrison, the aforementioned official release comic and I have a laundry list of items I'm still gunning for. Those Retroband action figures, wax paper cups and the original Creepshow Mondo print are on my list!

Neat mix that I found on Soundcloud:

I love Creepshow. It's on every October, and I watch it every October. My wife even likes it and watches it! I love the sequel. I love the unofficial sequel Tales from the Darkside The Movie and am greatly saddened by the third movie put out by Taurus.

Trailers from Creepshow

Tune in tomorrow for another entry in the HolidazeBlog Halloween Challenge.

Some of my favorite artwork from Creepshow

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