Monday, October 12, 2015

HolidazeBlog Halloween Challenge Day 11: Favorite Halloween Decorations

My previous post about my favorite Halloween art really coincides with my favorite Halloween decorations, however I do have a trick up my sleeve here. I put up tombstones every year to make a fun, zombie filled cemetery because it lights nice, is easy to put up and relatively cheap, but if I had my druthers I'd be a blow mold addict. front yard would be filled with blow molds (and the cemetery mind you). Blow Molds can be a little pricey depending on taste. My taste happens to be expensive and so I only have a couple. I also haven't had much fortune in the Good Will/Salvation Army/Flee Market area. Until then I can dream and enjoy one of my favorite FaceBook groups devoted to Blow Molds for every season.

While I love Blow Molds, I do have a particular decoration that gets me good. The pic at the top of this post is actually my single favorite Halloween decoration of all time. We had it hanging on our door when I was a kid. It's like crumbled plastic formed to make this pumpkin. Like you might see done with tissue paper. Not only did I find the one we had as a kid on eBay, but I also found that he had friends. Ghosts and Cats and Witches. I'm still on the hunt, but I'm overjoyed to know that they weren't all destroyed and melted down.

One last thing... I have a motion sensor pumpkin that makes a fairly common shriek/music when you walk by it. I love him. It was my mother's and she gave it to me when she outgrew it. I still search out other decorations that use the same, common sound effects. It's the perfect Halloween audio experience for me (except maybe the Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of Halloween from Disney).

Here  are a few of my favorite Blow Molds. These are not mine.

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  1. I remember having that "crumbled plastic" pumpkin head, too! It was about the only outdoor Halloween decoration we had (I grew up in a multi-family house....)

    Thanks for the blast of nostalgia!