Thursday, October 15, 2015

HolidazeBlog Halloween Challenge Day 13: Favorite 80's Horror

Since my favorite Horror movie is from the 80’s I suppose that would mean that I would have to answer Creepshow as my favorite 80’s Horror movie, but I think I’ll go one step beyond and site my second favorite 80’s Horror movie, Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors. It’s a close first to Friday the 13th part 4 (soooo close) or even Maximum Overdrive.

From the opening of this movie, I was hooked. I believe I saw part 3 after part 2 but before I saw part 1. Result? My image of Krueger as a creepy villain was overtaken by him as a sinister comedian, killing teens with clever methods and with a bitchin’ 80’s score. I remember borrowing this tape from my cousin over a summer. The tape also had Summer Camp Nightmare and Lost Boys. It assured that I was in for a real treat whenever I hit play and all in with the bright spectral uncut glow of an HBO displayed movie. 

I love these characters. I love how each one dies, how the movie finishes and how the whole thing is left open for a sequel (multiple sequels). I love that we get Nancy back to continue the story and it doesn’t feel forced at all. In fact the reprieve of part 2 from the original storyline has always felt natural to me due to the order in which I watched the movies.

What a powerful end credit song in Dokken’s Dream Warriors. I was fortunate to see this projected at an Exhumed Horrorthon. It was one of the first movies of the night and it set the tone for one of the greatest 24 hour romps I’ve ever seen in a Horror movie marathon.

Don’t want to sleep no more!

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