Sunday, October 18, 2015

HolidazeBlog Halloween Challenge Day 16: Favorite Halloween Party

The worst feeling in the world is that I can't tell you about a single true Halloween party that I've been to that was great. I really can't. I can recall getting loaded on Halloween with friends, but it never had that Halloween feel. If there was a party that truly was special I was too drunk to remember it. I do remember living in Texas and winning a costume contest dressed as Pan with no shirt on and dollar store weave as my leg hair. I remember going to a part at a friend's house that was moderately Halloween that ended up with friends boning in slutty Halloween costumes. I did not get laid. It was therefore not great for ME. So I'm going to live vicariously.

Best Halloween Party has to the Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down episode of Roseanne. You know... most of the Roseanne Halloween moments would probably suffice for me to call them the greatest Halloween party, but I really dug the ventriloquist act and some of the humor stuck out to me. They play the Monster Mash at the party. Jackie (who is actually hot to me) dresses up as a vamp/Vampira/Morticia. George Clooney makes an appearance. The decorations are classic 80's. The episode itself is a gory fun mess.

The only other parties that could really count for me would be my birthday parties as a kid. I was born a week before Halloween so most of my younger parties were costume based. Some were good. Some were great, but I think I'll stick with Roseanne.

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