Sunday, October 18, 2015

HolidazeBlog Halloween Challenge Day 18: Halloween Food

Man are you guys gonna shit when I tell you what my favorite Halloween food is. It may be the most Halloween thing I can think of, but it is in fact the food that I most associate with Halloween. Ready? This is a judgement free zone, motherfuckers.

Hot dogs. Most specifically boiled Ballpark hot dogs with a white bread bun. Probably served with potato chips.


Because when we went trick or treating when I was a kid it was a super quick food in between day and night sessions to scarf down and then run back out for the good stuff. The night. No time to eat... all the time to treat. That's the way it was when I was kid, and it made sense. Who would want to cook after putting Dracula makeup all over a kid for an hour? It really is convenient. Delivery pizza may have been a better option if such a thing was more popular in our area at that time.

I crave hot dogs for Halloween. It makes no sense. I do not need fancy hot dogs. I just need bread and bun and maybe ketchup and mustard.

and my hot dogs were not cut up in the shape of fingers. That's just a fun picture I found on the web with which I freaked out my kids.

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  1. Awesome memory, but boiled hot dogs are the worst! Grill those bad boys!