Tuesday, October 27, 2015

HolidazeBlog Halloween Challenge Day 19: Childhood Costume

Finally, an easy one. As a kid I dressed up as many things. One year I was a hobo with my dad’s flannel shirt, dirty make up, a funny hat and a stick with a handkerchief on the end. Another I was a pirate with an eye patch, makeup beard and a striped shirt
As I got older I was a cannibal nun, Michael Myers, and a devil, but the one costume that kept reoccurring was Dracula. That’s my favorite. Still my favorite and I hope I can get one of my little ones to don the cape before they get old enough to start wanting to be a character from a TV show or some such bullshit.

My Dracula was simple. Cheap vinyl cape and traditional necklace with button down white shirt, black pants, plastic fang teeth (the cheap-o awesome ones) and one of those make up kits that you find in every… single… grocery store… ever. I think I hated having the makeup applied, but I loved the teeth. It was a simple costume but effective and fun. I still remember the smell of that cream makeup. I even remember the year that the kit was a bit more extravagant and had liquid latex and fake appliances… whoa! 

I was Drac many times, and to me that’s one of the quintessential Halloween costumes. I may have to do it again.

The pic have posted for this entry has one flaw. I would only use the cheap vamp teeth. Not the "realistic" looking ones pictured".

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