Friday, October 2, 2015

HolidazeBlog Halloween Challenge Day 2- Halloween Drink

Years ago I would have said Pumpkin Beer. That's easy. I used to drink the stuff by the gallon, but times have changed. The Halloween beverage that I most enjoy is apple cider. Not hard cider. Soft cider, sweet, with bite from the farm. Forget Ziegler's or that shit you find in the grocery store. I'm talking about the cider from the Hacklebarney Cider Mill or Best's Fruit Farm. Any local cider with body and grit.

I think it stems from reading my favorite book as a kid, The Fantastic Mr. Fox. One of the bumbling idiots trying to catch our beloved animal friends was keen on protecting the cider stores (probably hard cider because it got em all drunk). That set me off. I wanted cider (of course not the alcoholic kind).

It actually makes me euphoric even without the booze. High. Sugar High, and while the sugar may hurt my teeth, the stuff cleans you out especially after a night of candy corn binging. The only downside is that I experience a tremendous sugar crash unlike any other from cider (well actually I suspect my beer crashes were just as hard with all the sugary sweet IPA's I used to drink). 30 minutes after being a Halloween colored demon, haunter extraordinaire I'm on the couch. Passed out. Asleep. Dreaming of October 31st with candy corn stuck in my teeth awaiting my next root canal.

And if you like cider as much as I do you'll enjoy cider hot dogs, cider kraut, cider baked beans. You'll rot your face off.

Drink cider. Enjoy cider.

Hacklebarney Cider Mill

Pics from Best's Fruit Farm because they rule.

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