Tuesday, October 27, 2015

HolidazeBlog Halloween Challenge Day 22: Best Halloween Album

Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House is by far my favorite Halloween album. It contains stories (some of them not wholly appropriate in a PC climate), sound effects and even a few solid jump scares. I can remember when my mother brought the album home alongside Michael Jackson’s Thriller. What a great duo. I would listen to them both back to back, but the sound effects album always intrigued me. We had the orange bordered cover (as opposed to the popular white or more Disney-ish cover). Thus I’ve always gravitated toward that version and the track listing associated with it. I’ve included on the track listing below from Wiki.

The cover art is a house by a cemetery with a light in one window with a storm in the background. It always captured my imagination. I dare say that I’ve felt like it should be tattooed on me at some point, but I don’t know how to work it in just yet. I love the fonts. I love the sleeve inside that had Halloween game instructions, illustrated and creepy as Hell.

You can listen to it on YouTube which is a treat, folks have remixed it and I believe it was even sampled for a rap song. The best way to enjoy it is on vinyl, with kids who are easily terrified by the sound of storms crashing and Disney banshee screams.

Track listing from Wiki:

Track listing: 1964 version[edit]

Side One

1. "The Haunted House"
2. "The Very Long Fuse"
3. "The Dogs"
4. "Timber"
5. "Your Pet Cat"
6. "Shipwreck"
7. "The Unsafe Bridge"
8. "Chinese Water Torture"
9. "The Birds"
10. "The Martian Monsters"

Side Two 

1. "Screams and Groans"
2. "Thunder, Lightning and Rain"
3. "Cat Fight"
4. "Dogs"
5. "A Collection Of Creaks"
6. "Fuses and Explosions"
7. "A Collection Of Crashes"
8. "Birds"
9. "Drips and Splashes"
10. "Things In Space"

and the techno remix!

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