Sunday, October 4, 2015

HolidazeBlog Halloween Challenge Day 3: Best Horror TV Show

I'm not fully ready to commit to the the Horror TV show that I find the best. I mean I start off thinking that it's a clear cut answer: The Twilight Zone. The original. But then I start to question whether I feel that The Twilight Zone is a pure Horror TV show. It has Sci-Fi elements. Plenty of social commentary. You know, I don't want the Twilight Zone around Halloween at all. I watch it on July 4th and New Years Eve because that's when the marathons are. So this being a Halloween Challenge I should really think of my answer in terms of Halloween and a show that I would watch during October. So is it Night Gallery? Friday the 13th the Series? Amazing Stories? or is it...

Tales from the Crypt. HBO's breakthrough Horror program that gave us the grue we so wanted from a TV show while preserving all the classic Horror of EC Comics. I love Tales from the Darkside and there are clearly episodes that rival Tales from the Crypt for top standing, but as a whole the feeling of Tales from the Crypt feels like Halloween. Strong intro. Strong host. Great storytelling, effects, stars and writers. Every year I plan to watch the a season during the month of October, and the busy review schedule seems to get in the way.

Maybe this year I'll give it another go.

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