Tuesday, October 6, 2015

HolidazeBlog Halloween Challenge Day 6: Favorite Horror Character

This question inspired a frenzy of internal responses. Who is my favorite Horror character? What is a Hor(or character? Is that a good guy or bad guy or is it an icon? Someone I'd want to be or aspire to be like? Is it the character a fear who actually scare me or entertains me the best? It's a wide open question, intentionally and almost as cruel as what's your favorite Horror movie.

I think my response could easily change depending on how I'm to take the question ie favorite in what way? I'll give you two.

1. Character I want to be or aspire to be like: Chief Martin Brody from Jaws
2. Character that scares me as a villain: Michael Myers

These two represent the polar opposites for me. As a kid I'd play Brody, chasing and killing the shark. Rarely did I venture into Quint territory. While I often won't refer to Jaws as a true Horror movie, I considered it one as a child, and so Brody I love. This guy is righteous and flawed but funny and good. He smokes a lot. He shoots his gun a lot. He kills the bad guy twice. He knows how to get angry and deliver great one liners. I watched Jaws on endless repeat as a kid and always admired Chief Brody as a father and as a hero.

Michael Myers is a whole other story. Myers terrifies me to this day. I still wake up with nightmares of him breaking into my house and having to fend him off to escape. I rarely do and even when I do it's to a far worse place. I love this guy. He gives me my own personal Horror movies in my dreams. I hesitate to even call them nightmares because they are so perfect. I always remember them, and I've even thought it'd be nice to try to consciously have a Myers dream so that I could enjoy it more. Try to use my "horror skills" to defeat him the way no one ever seems to. I love his mask. I love all his masks even the ones I don't like as much, I love. I love all his movies... ALL OF THEM. I do not care that Busta Rhymes says "Treat or Treat Motherfucker". I do not care that you dislike it. You can go fuck yourself and your lack of appreciation for the comedic value if not the intriguing story that unfolds, fabricated by a reality TV program (Note to self: settle down). I never play as Michael Myers and I did own the part 4 mask when I was a kid. I want them all but haven't started collecting just yet. Favorite Halloween is part II.

For my money, Jeff Zornow draws Myers the best in comic form. That's why I used his pic to represent my favorite baddie.

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