Sunday, October 11, 2015

HolidazeBlog Halloween Challenge Day 8: Favorite Halloween Song

I’ll give you three favorite Halloween songs because I can’t limit it. There are more.

1.      Halloween by the Misfits (and Halloween II, I think of them as two refrains of the same song)
2.      Halloween is Every Day by Ministry
3.      All Hallow’s Eve by Type O Negative

The Misfits truly let me know that Horror music existed and the words from Halloween 1 and 2 actually embody completely the very fabric of Halloween. They’re completely irreverent. Great band. Great songs.

Halloween is Every Day by Ministry is more like an everyday song rather than a Halloween song, but I think it’s super danceable and you can tap your toe to it. It also has creepy moments and it’s like singing Christmas Carols from Thanksgiving on and then on Christmas you REALLY mean it when you sing a carol.

All Hallow’s Eve is just so damn fun. Completely embodies the spirit of the Halloween and it has those luscious Pete Steele vocals combined with some nice screaming and creepy keyboards. What a treat. (Note: I love all Type O and Black Number 1 works just as well here).

Bonus song: Party Time by 45 Grave. The zombie version used in Return of the Living Dead. I play it Halloween morning to wake up the kids. 

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