Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Favorite Martian (MPI DVD)

I used to watch My Favorite Martian on network TV when it went into syndication and was in reruns during the daytime while I was sick. It was that, the Price is Right or the Incredible Hulk. Isn’t it funny how two out of three of my sick day shows involved Bill Bixby even if I didn’t realize it at the time. In fact, it’s been quite some time since I’ve had the chance to enjoy My Favorite Martian, but MPI has given us a chance to check it out in a complete package with some nice extras.

First off, what you may not remember about this show is just how lovable the characters are. That’s not to say they are pristine cookie cutter 1960’s characters you’ve seen a thousand times, but Bixby and Walston have a magic relationship that is very natural. There’s a protective spirit that is reciprocated by both characters. It’s the reason you get 107 episodes instead of one a season. Of course My Favorite Martian comes in the beginning of the Sci-Fi TV craze, post-Twilight Zone but before more serious efforts that would become scarier, less humorous. One might even say that My Favorite Martian could be construed as the natural continuation of a Twilight Zone episode with it’s abundance social criticism, quite subversive.  I always compare My Favorite Martian to Lost in Space because they are both Sci-Fi comedy shows, but really My Favorite Martian is closer to a show that came much later, Mork and Mindy; a show about true friends with Science Fiction elements to drive the story.

Often times distro companies will release a set like this without giving thought to packaging or additional features. It’s simply enough to get the catalog title in viewers hands and not spend the time to transfer extras (ported over from previous releases or not). With My Favorite Martian we get the entire series in a three case set, multiple discs (not completely crammed into minimalist space) and actual hours of extra features.

Extras include:

Behind the Scenes Home Movies
Original Cast and Sponsor Commercials
Spaceship Miniature Test Footage
Ray Walston Promotional Game Show and Talk Show Appearance
Let's Talk to Lucy- Long Lost 1964-65 radio show interviews with Bill Bixby and Ray Walston talking to Lucille Ball
Photo Galleries and Comic Strips
Original Soundtrack Music Album
Vintage Program Sponsor Billboards and Closing Credits
Animation and Effects Reel
Lost Jack Chertok Production TV Pilots
The Man in the Square Suit
The Reluctant Eye

Fans of the series can order My Favorite Martian now. If you’re new to the series but fond of retro TV programming from the early years of comedic, Sci-Fi programming, this is a must pick up. It’s safe to say that fans of Lost in Space must apply. Enjoy this set. Enjoy the theme song and continuous play option. Marathon a Martian.

From MPI:

Collector's Set of the Beloved Fantasy Comedy, Packed With Rare Extras, Comes to DVD for the First Time From MPI on October 20, 2015

It's out-of-this-world laughs with the original 1960s supernatural sitcom smash. The fantasy-themed comedy series that led the way for such hits as 3rd Rock From the Sun and ALF arrives in its entirety for the first time on DVD. MY FAVORITE MARTIAN: THE COMPLETE SERIES will be available from MPI on October 20, 2015.

Originally airing on CBS-TV from 1963 to 1966 (and debuting in the top 10 in its premiere season), MY FAVORITE MARTIAN marked the beginning of television's fascination with fantasy-themed comedy series. It stars Bill Bixby (The Courtship Of Eddie's Father, The Incredible Hulk) as newspaper reporter Tim O'Hara and Ray Walston (South Pacific, Fast Times at Ridgemont High) as the perfectly human-looking Martian whom Tim discovers and passes off as his Uncle Martin. Pamela Britton (TV's Blondie) plays their snoopy landlady, Lorelei Brown.

This complete series collection features all 107 complete, unedited, digitally remastered episodes from the show's three seasons, along with hours of special features.

Among many beloved TV actors who make guest appearances in MY FAVORITE MARTIAN: THE COMPLETE SERIES are Linda Evans, Marlo Thomas, Alan Hale Jr., Gavin MacLeod, Jamie Farr, Stafford Repp, Richard Deacon, Madge Blake, Bernie Kopell, Butch Patrick, Henry Gibson, Allan Melvin, Michael Constantine, Pat Priest, David White and Madge Redmond.

Nominated for three TV Land Awards and remade both as an animated series and as a feature film starring Christopher Lloyd and Jeff Daniels, MY FAVORITE MARTIAN remains an audience favorite, and this complete collection makes it available to both longtime fans and a new generation of viewers.

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