Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rocky Horror Picture Show (40th Anniversary Edition)

Everyone wants to know what the difference is between the 35th Anniversary Edition and the 40th Anniversary Edition of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. As far back as I can remember we see release of this movie on a new format celebrating its anniversary, and usually something changes. That’s not to say the release would be without reason for a new release. We like to celebrate one of the ultimate rock operas of all time (next to Phantom of the Paradise of course).

Let’s talk about my most recent experience with the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and try to sort through the extras to see what you’ll get and perhaps what you don’t.

I’ve loved these characters and skilled troop of actors since I first was old enough to understand the movie. I first saw it with my father, thinking it was a Horror picture only to realize that I didn’t know about cross-dressing, homosexuality or many of the themes in the movie. Though it was beautiful, we shut it off. I wouldn’t discover my love of musicals for years nor would I fully realize that I had the biggest crush on both Columbia and Magenta… maybe even Riff Raff. For those of you who like Frank? Well, I love Tim Curry, but he’s not the one I crush on in this movie. Still.. there’s something magical about when he beds Janet Vice (WEIS!). Rocky Horror is filled with all the Sci-Fi and Horror Kitsch a camp fan could want. It’s sexual and daring and inspirational. The music is generous with the bass and catchy.

What really comes of rewatching Rocky Horror is you try to figure out who isn’t the audience for it. People who hate musicals. People who hate other people. People who dislike fun. That’s about it.

The transfer of the Rocky Horror Picture Show looks good, full of details and not over DNR’d. I remember seeing this on a damaged print Pennsylvania when I popped my cherry at the live show and rented and owned the VHS tape that was obviously subpar. Somewhere in there I managed to skip a DVD release and skipped the Blu-ray up until checking it out now. The packaging on is traditional with a nice reverse still. It’s one disk, but there’s a lot on here though most if not all of this was previously available on the 35th anniversary edition. 

Extras include:
  • Rocky-oke: Sing It!
  • Commentary By Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn (Magenta)
  • Don’t Dream It, Be It: The Search for the 35th Anniversary Shadowcast, Part I
  • An-tic-i-pation: The Search for the 35th Anniversary Shadowcast, Part II
  • Mick Rock (A Photographer)
  • Mick Rock's Picture Show (A Gallery)
  • A Few From The Vault
  • Deleted Musical Scenes
  • 1: ”Once In A While”
  • 2: ”Super Heroes”
  • Outtakes
  • Alternate B&W Opening
  • Alternate Credit & Misprint Ending
  • "Rocky Horror Double Feature Video Show" (1995)
  • Beacon Theater, New York City (10th Anniversary)
  • Time Warp Music Video 
  • The Midnight Experience
  • Pressbook & Poster Gallery

 If you’ve seen Rocky Horror than you know why you need to own it; to show your kids at the very least. If you haven’t, this would be a great way to experience it though I must be honest, live would be best with a full cast and plenty of audience participation. If you have a previous incarnation of the Blu-ray, there won’t be much for you to gain from picking up this disc. This is really about updating the packaging and getting this into every fans’ hands who need to put them on their hips and pelvic thrust. We all could use a little time warp.

You can order the 40th Anniversary Rock Horror release now.

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