Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Exorcism of Molly Hartley (Fox Blu-ray) - I Can't Believe I Liked This

I have ranted. I have raved. I have extinguished all hope for the possession subgenre. I have been “that horror fan”, felt bad for being “that horror fan” and then come to terms with the fact that I truly have felt very nasty toward this particular trend. It has epitomized most of what I despise about riding the trend to make a buck in Horror. I know. I know. This the same mentality that gave us the great Horror franchises of the 80’s, so many wonderfully bad slasher movies and an assortment of direct-to-video schlock. The different I suppose is that I’m living the trend when it comes to possession movies, and it’s damn near impossible to tolerate more time wasted on the same movie, told the same way, using bad filmmaking and with no possible end in sight.

Of course all of that changed when I enjoyed Exorcism of Molly Hartley last night. Boy, was that a surprise.

Why did I enjoy this particular possession movie and what makes it stand out as unique? It isn’t found footage. It has plenty of throwback references to other, good Horror from the genre especially the Exorcist (border-lining on straight up rip-off in the Beyond the Door fashion). The opening was cinematic, well thought-out and filled with the red stuff. It carries on as if it’s the Exorcist featuring an older protagonist for quite some time… and then it takes a culty, magical shift into a pleasantly Satanic place. No shaky cam (which I don’t always hate save for this subgenre). Some Dick Smith esque nods in the practical effect department (though it also has plenty of computer generated as well).

I think it’s worth a watch, looked great on Blu-ray and is clearly superior to many of the movies trying to do the same thing. Again, it isn’t perfect, but I’m willing to concede that some good has come of this subgenre beyond The Taking of Deborah Logan in recent years and this is perhaps one of those pieces of good.

You can order The Exorcism of Molly Harley on Blu-ray now from Fox.

From Fox:

Molly Hartley (Sarah Lind; Wolfcop) is all grown up, but the unholy demon inside her lives on in this all-new, UNRATED sequel that takes terror to the next level! Six years after graduating high school — and discovering that a secret pact assigned her soul to the devil — Molly is suspected of murder and confined to a mental hospital, where she wreaks supernatural havoc on the staff and patients. Her only hope is an exorcism by a defrocked priest (Devon Sawa; Final Destination) looking to redeem himself and save Molly's life before her hideous "transformation" is complete...but Satan has other plans!

Directed by Steven R. Monroe (I Spit on Your Grave) the UNRATED Blu-ray and DVD features awesome bonus features including a sit-down with experts to discuss the origins of demonic possession, bonus security camera footage giving fans a closer look into Molly’s exorcism and Director Diaries showcasing some of the best scenes from the film!

Special Features

Exorcism: Beyond One Truth – Sit down with professionals and religious experts to gather facts about demonic possession and debate whether it is a form of psychosis or if there is something more sinister involved
Clovesdale Institute: Classified Security Camera Footage – Follow Dr. Laurie Hawthorne as she checks in with each of her patients through security camera footage giving fans full view of the origins of Molly’s exorcism
Hartley Admission Hospital
Surveillance of Fr. Barrow
Dr. Hawthorne Visits M. Hartley
Fr. Barrow Performs Exorcism Rite Part 1
Fr. Barrow Performs Exorcism Rite Part 2
Fr. Barrow Performs Exorcism Rite Part 3
Director Diaries – Follow Director Steven R. Monroe as he shoots some of the film’s most intense scenes
Makeup Fx
The Exorcism
The Black Church

The Facility

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