Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Thaw, The Last Winter and REPO for THE MADNESS

I'm engaged in a Horror movie watching competition for the month of October. I had to write some mini-reviews of a few movies. Figured I'd post them here so ya'll could check them out. The MADNESS lives!

The Thaw 

Oh how I remember this one. What a creepy, creeper of a prehistoric buggie flick. There are times where I think about the effects in this movie and truly cringe. The Thaw has a strong cast, most of which you'd sort of would like to see killed. See a good number of them don't make it, that means you leave the movie feeling satisfied. Of course there are a number of gross outs along the way.

The Last Winter

This was my first experience with Last Winter. I watched it off the new Scream Factory Blu-ray set, The Larry Fessenden Collection. Looked great and a full review will follow shortly once I complete the set. The movie itself has a strong cast, but drags for the first half of the movie while you wait to reveal just what the Hell you're watching. By the end it all sort of makes sense and has some unique effects and a novel concept that make the labored opening worth while. Very strong finish that had me thinking about The Mist.

Repo The Genetic Opera

For the first ten minutes or so I wasn't exactly a happy camper. I enjoyed the opening and the comic book frames but these songs were pretty hard to sit through... until Giles showed up and started singing. Then it was like watching Once More With Feeling from Buffy the Vampire Slayer in an alternate universe. I adore Anthony Stewart Head. Great to enjoy him again and his beautiful voice. Some of the gore is exceptional and some of the singing is atrocious. Overall it reminded me of RENT only without any kind of deep personal connectivity. Paul Sorvino reminds me a little of Lon Chaney Jr at times when he sings.