Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Thoughts on Death-Scort Service

I have to admit that I funded Death-Scort Service because I liked the name, and the promise of naked people sounded marvelous. While I knew it was a long shot that I would actually enjoy the movie, I wondered what we would get in terms of violence, gore and hotties on screen. While I’m glad to have helped out in the fund campaign and the DVD received, covered in signatures and boobs was fantastic, the movie itself didn’t exactly thrill me.

Death-Scort Service suffers from some typical problems I find in the Indie Horror world. The low budget doesn’t actually deter good actors, naked bodies or even great effects. You can do a lot with a little. Death-Scort Service suffers from having scenes that feel like filler rather than either moving the plot forward, useful as exploitation sequences or providing visually graphic, eye catching awesome. Of course in between those scenes that seem to round out the run time are some impressive kills that are fun, low budget and entertaining. As you might expect, there’s more than enough T&A on screen for two movies. I appreciate that. I really do, but that doesn’t make up for some of the moments that feel like their simply drawing out the run time rather than leading the viewer forward.

That all being said, I hate to come off as a snob. I appreciate the effort that went into Death-Scort Service, and I’m pretty sure the hardcore fans of the independent Horror movement will find a great deal to appreciate with plenty of skin and plenty of death.

You can support Death-Scort Service now. Watch the trailer and consider purchasing it if for no other reason than to support practical effects Horror filmmakers who are learning their craft and giving us a non-PC movie that doesn’t follow many of today’s popular tropes and shooting styles. Hey, it could be just another POV/Found Footage/Possession flick. Death-Scort Service understand the cheese of the late 80’s slash and hack.

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