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CORRUPTION (Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray) - The Black Friday Special Release with a Turkey-Sized Surprise

Vinegar Syndrome gets filth. They understand the raunch and the seedy underbelly of film better than most boutique distro companies, but there’s a thing that happens when a company understands that a piece of adult cinema is not dirty; it’s a work of art to be appreciated. Sure we all know that there’s a glut of porn out there that simply wants to bring you to climax. They have their place and utility, but when you come across a movie like Corruption directed by Richard Watkins aka Richard Mahler for this release starring my personal favorite adult film star, Jamie Gillis, you have to realize that it is a piece of film noir to be appreciated. Savored. Given the proper respect, transfer and restoration. We’ve seen Vinegar Syndrome put out double and triple feature Peekaramas on DVD and even one on Blu-ray. We’ve also seen them give us exquisite jam-packed packages like Sex World with just a little something more. For their annual Black Friday sale, VS has provided a stunning Blu of Corruption and what’s more? There’s an Easter egg ripe for the de-shelling and devouring that is sure to wet your palette for an upcoming release and it ain’t even Easter! It’s an answer to that Thanksgiving wishbone you just split with your siblings on turkey day.

Before we go into this release, this is the Vinegar Syndrome rundown for Black Friday. It’s important to pay attention here because you’ll notice some items selling out, some pre-orders not to be missed and a bunch of special notes that will help make your budgeting a bit easier for the year to come.

Here are the notes from Vinegar Syndrome:

Our site is now in Black Friday prep mode...

Our annual BF sale begins this Friday, November 27th and ends on Monday the 30th.

Here's some info for VSBF first timers:

1. Most all releases will be discounted 50% off of MSRP (a $24.98 blu-ray will be $12.49).

2. Last year our BF sale began at a pre-determined time and our site crashed. We learned from that mistake. This year there's no countdown and the best we can say is that sometime on Friday, November 27th in the AM (EST) the splash screen will be removed and the sale will begin!

3. Just like last year, we will be selling Yearly Packages. Pay one lump sum and receive every 2016 Vinegar Syndrome, Etiquette Pictures and ExploitationTV release at your doorstep on a monthly basis. Limited editions, special editions -- they are all included. The price will be based off our 2016 tentative release schedule w/ a 50% discount. If we put out fewer releases than predicted, we will refund the difference. If we release more, congratulations, you won. Fyi, 2015 package buyers made out like bandits are received three blu-rays for free!

Please note: we will have a limited number of Yearly Packages available for both U.S. and International customers. International customers will need to pay a little extra to cover the higher shipping cost.

Two Yearly Package editions will be available:
Yearly Package (Completionist)
Yearly Package (Blu-ray only)

4. In the event we run out of certain products, most will still be available for backorder and you'll be notified at checkout time. We do not ship partial orders. Shipping will be slightly delayed on orders containing backordered products. That said, we have plenty of stock so this shouldn't be an issue.

5. We will work overtime to make sure orders ship out as quickly as possible.

6. Expect the unexpected.

7. Lastly, a bit of advice... It's highly likely that the following limited edition releases will sell out during this sale (so snag one early):


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You have been warned.

Now on to Corruption…

The dirty underbelly of business, sexual fantasy and the deprivation of love and sexual gratification collide in this unique offering from director Roger Watkins. This isn’t Corruption from 1968 starring Peter Cushing released by Grindhouse Releasing last year on Blu-ray. This is an adult feature from 1983 released during the end of the golden age of the porn chic cinema perfection. It displays all the characteristics that cinema fan want in a proper, narrative adult feature with a story line that is filled with mystery and intrigue while laying on plenty of sensual poundings all with a high-brow flair that gives maximum production value to exquisite sleaze.

There are remarkable performances by all actors and actresses, but I’m so used to Jamie Gillis going total goofball or perve that his serious performance here shows his depth as an actor that may have often been missed by lesser directors. Roger Watkins directed ten films, one of which you are clearly familiar though perhaps not under the name Roger Watkins. We’ll get to that one in just a bit. The Pink Ladies, Midnight Heat and Her Name is Lisa all have merit and combine elements prevalent in Corruption with bits of crime thriller, debauch and passionate irreverence for sexual norms.

While this may be a more complete adult film, it certainly doesn’t lack in offering sex scenes you’d expect with a more artistic twist. The music is varied ranging from Harlem Nocturne style jazz ensemble to classical organ fugues and adagios. You’ll be familiar with some of these accompaniments (New York Nights, Boris Godonov, Adagio, Passaglia). Then there are the synth hits, stings and new wave rock segues that complete the early 80’s package. While I can’t place all the music, some of these are from popular cult movies of the period. It completely adds to the sinister nature of many of the passionate moments that range from ordinary pound outs to metaphor dripped, Jess Franco homages while daring to touch on Carpenter level tension. James Flamberg’s music is intense. There’s an element of burlesque here, of showmanship that really transcends most of the adult fair you may be used to. For those of you who stay away from the “hard stuff” this is your chance to see how adult cinema could be integrated as an artistic medium rather than a 42nd Street spank movie (nothing wrong with those mind you, but this is clearly a gem). That isn’t to say that this movie isn’t filled to the brim with hot sex scenes, but the guts in between, score and composition of scenes offers a more full bodied experience.

This is a beautiful transfer. It’s a clean print with minimal to no dust or deterioration. It’s nearly pristine and has rich blacks and appropriate color saturation. It’s what you expect from Vinegar Syndrome in terms of their Blu-ray releases. Even if you’ve picked up and enjoyed some of the grindier qualities of the Peekarama and Drive-In Collection for content, this gives you both a pleasing movie and a standard of quality that makes VS one of the leaders in their field. The extra package is nice including a pressbook gallery, trailer and interview with Larry Revene, cinematographer for Corruption and other Watkins pictures. The Revene interview gives you a nice perspective on this release and Watkins approach to filmmaking. In particular I love the Revene discusses the use of color in each room. These choices give Corruption a disctinctly Argento/Italian feel that is unique to this adult feature. It’s almost hard to believe we aren’t watching a Wakefield Poole movie with the artistic approach to eroticism.

Now here’s the kicker… you know Roger Watkins. In fact you’ve demanded a release of his hit Blu-ray as cult cinema fans for some time. That’s where the Easter egg comes into play.

Last House on Dead Street in its raw form is included on the disk, but you’ve got to find it! I’m simply letting you know it’s there, it’s a nice preview of what can be done when a label has will do put out a release, and it is the perfect tease for all you Victor Janus nuts (because Victor Janus IS Roger Watkins!).

Note that that this is not the the final restored version of Last House on Dead End Street. It’s a 2k scan of an uncut 35mm theatrical print. There’s a little color correction but otherwise kept it pure grindhouse. The full release will be coming soon and using better film elements.

When it’s available we will post the link to this title. You won’t want to miss it or any of the other Vinegar Syndrome Black Friday offerings.

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