Sunday, November 1, 2015

HolidazeBlog Halloween Challenge Day 26: Best Death Scene


Scene one is PJ Soles/Linda’s death in the first Halloween. You see her topless, it’s somewhat funny but elongated and disturbing combined with a solid Michael Myers, silent finish.

Scene two comes from Halloween IV, when the “trustworthy” boyfriend tries to fist fight Myers only to have his head separated from his body. Brady gets his and it's icky and you almost feel bad for him.

Scene three is from the Lonesome Death of Jordy Verril when Jordy kills himself. Truly heartbreaking, ironic and freaky.

Scene four is from the faux trailer for Thanksgiving where we find a person cooked as a turkey (and then some very questionable sexual antics).

Scene five is Ally's death in Sleepaway Camp II. I hate this death. It's like watch your wife die (she is my "star wife" after all.

That’s all we’ll list for now. This is the equivalent of having the WOPR play itself in tic tac toe.

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