Friday, January 8, 2016

Bone Tomahawk (RLJ/Image Blu-ray)

What a brutal little movie this turned out to be! Bone Tomahawk has been wowing audiences both on the VOD platform and now on Blu-ray. My first viewing was on a low quality, watermarked screener. The full HD of this thing is something truly special and really suggests that the Western genre has much more to bring to the table than we may imagine. Of course who better to bring us innovation in the Western genre that Kurt Russell who has given us some truly special moments in Tombstone and most recently The Hateful Eight. RLJ/Image are giving you the chance to bring all the grit and grime and darkness that is Bone Tomahawk into your home. Do you dare let it in? This movie can change you.

Do I consider Bone Tomahawk a Horror movie? Not fully though it clearly is more than just a Western. It certainly has horrific elements with cannibals that are rich with scary qualities, awesome vocalizations and brutal murder tactics. It is definitely a Western, and for those of you who are either awaiting the Hateful Eight from Tarantino or remember and adore Tombstone, seeing Kurt Russel in the Wild West is a treat. He carries his sheriff’s role well as does all of our actors. Sid Haig gives a humorous but honest performance that real stood out to me. Patrick Wilson… can’t… do… anything wrong. He’s fantastic in this one.

For those of you who are more traditional Horror folk or looking for the horrific elements in the picture, it’s imperative that you appreciate at least one strong kill sequence with plenty of down home gore. It startled me and left my jaw in the dropped position.

This disc comes with a deleted scene that gives some nice back story to Patrick Wilson’s character and an excellent making of featurette that goes into the love and devotion that is expressed by cast and director alike with the creation of this movie. It’s the kind of movie that will go under so many radars that it is a guaranteed cult classic in the making.

You can order Bone Tomahawk now:[sl]-Thriller/Bone-Tomahawk-(Blu~Ray).html

From RLJ/Image:

When a group of cannibal savages kidnaps settlers from the small town of Bright Hope, an unlikely team of gunslingers, led by Sheriff Franklin Hunt (Kurt Russell), sets out to bring them home. But their enemy is more ruthless than anyone could have imagined, putting their mission – and survival itself – in serious jeopardy. Kurt Russell (The Hateful Eight, Tombstone) leads an all-star cast, including Patrick Wilson (Insidious), Matthew Fox (“Lost”) and Richard Jenkins (The Cabin in the Woods) in this gritty, action-packed thriller chronicling a terrifying rescue mission in the Old West.

Extras include:
Making of Featurette
Deleted Scene

Image Gallery Q&A with Director and Cast

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