Friday, January 15, 2016

Over Your Dead Body (Scream Factory Blu-ray)

Here’s the rub guys. I find it very difficult to enjoy modern Japanese or Asian Horror. It’s something I’ve been working through for years, exposing myself to the proper movies with a near 100% failure rate. Every so often I can find moments that entertain or spook me, but Over Your Dead Body coming to you from Scream Factory won’t be the movie that turns over a new leaf for me. I think there’s a market for this movie that will truly appreciate it and love it.

Fans of Japanese Horror will appreciate the subtle ghost play mixed with socially relevant undertones as well as some sharp acting from all involved. There are plenty of flashy moments where the blood is everywhere and the supernatural elements seem to take control. I suppose my chief concern was that with the underlying social message, I follow the story down a ghostly path only to hit the wall of a metaphor that seems to predict every attack from the spirit world. Sifting through a movie like this can be tricky for a meat and potatoes Horror fan like myself.

Fans of Takashi Mike will enjoy this as will fans of modern Japanese Horror. Even though I may have enjoyed Audition I think this is a very different movie and should not be compared to that release.

You can order Over Your Dead Body from Scream Factory:

From Scream Factory:

A beautiful actress (Kô Shibasaki of 47 Ronin and Battle Royale) plays the protagonist in a new play based on a legendary ghost story. She pulls some strings to get her lover cast in the play, although he's a relatively unknown actor. With the cast in place, rehearsals for the play, about an abusive relationship and a grudge, begin. But off stage, some begin to develop their own obsessions. Trapped between the play and reality, they are horrified to find that a real grudge can cross the blurred line between reality and fantasy. Will love flourish? Or has it already turned hideously dark?

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