Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Shock Em Dead (Slasher//Video Blu-ray)

There’s a disclaimer on Shock Em Dead that basically states that the best available elements were used to create a Blu-ray of the movie. While normally you may be used to film negatives, interpositives etc… that’s not what you get with Shock Em Dead. That’s important to note because quality hounds are going to notice the source is 1” Tape. Often times I want a pristine version of a movie, but if that’s not available, I want to watch a movie first and foremost. Getting movies off the analog shelf is important. If that means converting for 1” tape, we do that for now and hope for the discovery of better elements later.

Movie watchers (those who enjoy watching movies) you will be happy to see Shock Em Dead on Blu-ray. Slasher//Video understands that you want to see movies that have long been relegated to the dollar bin at any cost and this one is well worth it. Complete low budget cheeseball effects, T&A and heavy metal Horror antics that epitomize the genre while being playfully aware of themselves. Do not compare this to Rock N Roll Nightmare, Rocktober Blood or Blood Roses. This isn’t on the same level of quality and the storytelling isn’t great, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. It’s supremely fun with demons taking over souls and converting new souls into Rock N Roll stud farm energy to maintain a Heavy Metal foundation of youth of sorts. This is a great party movie to laugh with your friends, drink beer and air guitar your face off. The dork to stud/Metal God trick never gets old.

Of course Traci Lords is the manager in this thing which makes it a must own for me. I’m a Lords fan since her adult film days but learned long ago that she is a funny actress who understands how to perform comedy well and can do a camp movie like this one just as well as she can step into a John Waters filth picture to handle the heavy lifting. She’s at her cheesiest here, but she adds to comedic value of the picture well, stunning as ever and always willing to get the gimmick going.

Quality Geeks: Leave this one be. If you can’t appreciate the movie for the movie, laugh at its gonzo properties and realize that a little bit of tape never hurt anybody, then then loss will be yours. It looks better than an aging VHS tape and it will be preserved in a digital format. That’s what we have for now.

If you are familiar with the Slasher//Video product than you know what to expect here. Traditional cover art with rental stickers. They like to include extras when available though not for this particular release.

From Olive:

Disclaimer: Shock ‘Em Dead is presented using the best available elements provided by Slasher // Video. Not sourced from an HD Master; remastered from 1″ Tape and upconverted to BluRay and DVD specifications.

Manager-on-the-rise Lindsay Roberts (Traci Lords,Cry-Baby) has a rock band in the spotlight with guitar god Angel Martin (Stephen Quadros, The Lost Platoon) as its newest member. Lindsay and the band are on the road to success.  But all is not as it seems. Angel, as it turns out, has made a pact with the dark forces to make him a rock star having quite literally sold his soul for his talent. But there’s a catch, fame and fortune come at a price. In order to sustain his talent Angel must feed on the souls of others.
Lindsay’s growing attraction to Angel soon turns to fear as she finds herself pulled further and further into a terrifying world of unspeakable evil.

Slasher // Video presents Shock ‘Em Dead, a film about rock & roll and soul(s) directed by Mark Freed (Lovers and Liars) and starring Traci Lords (Cry-Baby), Troy Donahue (Imitation of Life), Aldo Ray (We’re No Angels) and Stephen Quadros (The Lost Platoon).

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