Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Car (Scream Factory Blu-ray)

Man is James Brolin great in The Car. Set aside that The Car is terrifying, that the horn will get inside your head that everything about the movie is just completely demonic and you still have to give credit to Brolin and company for creating characters that were so easy to love. Because of this, we have a vested interest in their outcome, and in seeing the car stopped. It’s definitely one of the great automotive Horror films, and may really be trumped by John Carpenter’s Christine in terms of terror. Still, The Car doesn’t have the same name recognition as a movie like Christine even as its cult fans keep it alive and remembered well.

The Scream Factory transfer and extra package is very nice. For those of you who are curious as to how it compares to the Arrow region locked version, I would say the Arrow wins out in terms of extras, but that the appearance is comparable. The Scream Factory release includes two variations on cover art. The extras on this disc include plenty of interviews.

From the opening scene on you are guaranteed moments of terror inspired by one big bad black car. The car looks demonic, like nothing you’ve ever seen before The car’s horn is memorable and the staccato pattern in which is beeps becomes a calling card that is the thing of nightmares. Even when you think your favorite character is off the hook, he’s not. The Car knows no bounds, and is just as much daredevil as it is devil.

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From Scream Factory

Fasten your seatbelts for the terrifying thrill ride that has become a cult classic! The peaceful tranquility of a small Western town is disturbed when a murderous car wreaks havoc by viciously mowing down innocent victims. The new sheriff, Wade Parent (James Brolin, The Amityville Horror), may be the only one who can stop this menace in its tracks. But what Wade Parent doesn't realize is that the driver of this indestructible vehicle is far more dangerous than any man... because it is driven by pure evil.

This high-octane thriller has an all-star genre cast including John Marley (Deathdream), Ronny Cox (RoboCop), Kathleen Lloyd (It Lives Again), R.G. Armstrong (Race with the Devil, Evilspeak), Roy Jenson (Soylent Green), Melody Thomas Scott (Piranha, The Fury), Kim Richards (Assault on Precinct 13) and Kyle Richards (Halloween).r

Bonus Features
NEW Mystery Of The Car – An Interview With Producer/Director Elliot Silverstein
NEW The Navajo Connection – An Interview With Actress Geraldine Keams
NEW Just Like Riding A Bike - An Interview With Actress Melody Thomas Scott
Theatrical Trailer
TV Spot
Radio Spots

Still Gallery

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